PEARL MORISSETTE, Jordan Station, Niagara “ - An eye-opening, splendid and highly educational, farm-to-table, Michelin star quality dining experience…..Part 2 - ‘ Food and Juice/Tea pairing


**Incorporating a wide range of exotic, funky and unrecognised herbs, spices and ingredients. Our 9 courses ( 6 savory and 3 desserts ), delectable and wonderfully fragrant, ‘farm-to-table’ chef’s tasting menu comprised of the following creative dishes:

Note: * denotes produce and ingredients grown on PM property

SALMON - Cured BC Skeena river Salmon with cantaloupe, banana peppers, Acadian Sturgeon caviar and basil* oil

SOURDOUGH - Sourdough made with red fife and maris widgeon. Served with a spread of mokum carrot and wild rice puff

TOMATO - Vine ripened tomatoes* dressed in ‘nduja’ with nectarine, lemon verbena* and orange thyme*

COD - Newfoundland wild, line-caught cod with lesya pepper*, farao cabbage, lobster roe and ginger

SQUASH - Centre cut squash* with rhubarb*, rose thyme* and roasted eggplant

GUINEA HEN - Pasture raised guinea hen slow-cooked over peach wood grill with Sweet corn, sunflower* and toasted hay*

BEEF - Grilled Ontario beef striploin with suyo long cucumbers*, hakurei turnip*, celtuce* and parsley*

BLACKBERRY - Blackberry* sorbet and berries with whipped shiso* curd

PEACH - Peach tarte tatin with fennel pollen* ice cream

BLUEBERRY - Pate sucree tartelette, blueberries, with anise hyssop* custard

The JUICE & TEA pairing featured a parade of different unfiltered mixes and concoctions incorporating some interesting, regular ‘healthy’ as well as unusual pungent and/or aromatic elements. From local nectarines, peaches, plums, carrots, beets to home-grown chrysanthemum flowers. Taste profile ranged from the delicious and enjoyable to the bizarre and whacky!

Overall, the imaginative meal was another delightful and enjoyable success. Notable stand-outs were the perfectly executed protein components. In particular, the delightfully sauced, amazingly moist and juicy Guinea fowl breast meat and the heavenly piece of velvety smooth wild Cod……testimony of the skill and talent of the kitchen team and its leaders. For me, to my surprise, the highlight of the evening were two humble and simple ingredients…… the peach wood grilled farao cabbage and the peeled cherry tomatoes! Sooo good!!..both texture and taste!

A special mention is needed about our extremely friendly, professional, knowledgeable and attentive lady server, one of the main factors contributing towards our memorable evening.

Lastly, a major concern! We noticed none of the restaurant and kitchen staff were following Covid safety protocol of wearing masks!..a result of meals served in an open space? However, description of the dishes by un-mask servers directly over exposed dishes was a bit concerning!



Nice to see how much the menu has changed in just one month. Almost everything you had was completely different from what we had in mid-July. We also thought the juice pairings were really tasty. Glad you also enjoyed the garden tour, which we thought was really interesting.

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