Pearl Harbourfront Chinese Cuisine [Toronto] - dim sum with a view

My brother’s family invited us out for dim sum at Pearl Harbourfront. While not rivalling the best of Markham and definitely premium-priced due to the location, we found it all very tasty, with no duds. And the view of the harbour makes for a lovely brunch experience.

The har gow wrappers were maybe a touch thick, but the shrimp inside had that perfect just-cooked texture.

Steamed spinach and shrimp dumplings were similar to the chive version I am used to, and equally good.

Ground pork and shrimp, warpped in supple bean curd skin and a flavourful sauce.

My wife loves tripe; l find it akin to chewing on small pieces of rubber, albeit nicely flavoured with ginger in this case.

A solid version of fried turnip cake, crispy edges and creamy interior, great with the hot sauce on our table.

Two versions of cheung fun, one with shrimp and one with scallop. No faults with the delicate rice wrapping, fresh seafood, and that addictive salty and slightly sweet sauce.

Nor my gai is a favourite of mine and this was a nice standard version, with lotus scented sticky rice and tasty pork and mushroom bits inside.

These are those pan-fried dumplings that are in the shape of patties, this version filled with shrimp and chives, nicely seared on each side.

Things I didn’t take pictures of included fried squid (OK, nothing special), char siu bao (a good standard version), baby bok choy with garlic (because you need a little vegetable), and spring rolls for the kids (didn’t try them).

For dessert:

Fish-shaped lychee agar jelly, with little lychee bits and goji berries - light and not too sweet.

Sponge cake - a fine version of this treat that I had difficulty finding in downtown dim sum purveyors over the past decade or more.

Good sesame balls, stuffed with sweet lotus paste.


Nice I am hoping they carry over this level at least to their upcoming location in Yorkville. Close proximity should make dim sum lunch a possibility. I still haven’t gotten over the loss of Crown Princess downtown as that was dependable spot for that cuisine without the splurge (Lai Wah Heen closed down as well and I don’t like any other spots in or near downtown).


I really enjoyed the take-out dim sum order I picked up at Pearl Harbourfront in October.

My friend, who is a consulting chef, recommended Wok Theory at 530 Dundas W . I haven’t tried it yet. He said both the dim sum and non-dim sum dishes are very good.


There is a new location “coming soon”: Pearl Yorkville, in the mini-mall at Yonge & Charles (beside the Dollarama.) Construction happening inside.


Tried Pearl Oakville dim sum recently. Our experience with the recommended restaurants in Richmond Hill/Markham is that each has offered one standout dish (for example, the turnip cake at O’Mei, and the light and completely non-greasy taro croquette at Lobster Port) and the rest are also of good quality. However, unfortunately all items we ordered here seemed average considering the prices charged (clumpy congee, thick rice noodle wrapper). We had hopes this might be a go-to for people living in the west, but aren’t moved to return for dinner, and continue to prefer our local dim sum spot.

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My friend likes Wok Theory on Dundas west of Spadina. Not as fancy as Pearl Harbourfront. Might be worth a try. (Obviously not for people in Oakville. I’m suggesting Wok Theory for people downtown who don’t want to head north of College. Moon Palace at the Atrium on Bay is the other spot that is relatively new with good reviews)


Have had consistently good experiences with AYCE dim sum at August 8 locally. I note they have a location in Toronto Chinatown, which I haven’t visited.


I also like Wok Theory. Moon Palace is quite bad compared to Wok Theory. Go to Wok Theory for taste, Moon Palace for size of dishes (too big IMO).