Paul Qui, Top Chef winner, arrested for assaulting girlfriend

Saw this on Chowhound.

Seems bad - I hope she and her son are safe and getting help.

Oh, this is not good. :frowning:

Awful. But sounds like it was his own blood?

A high stress job and a combination of “cocaine, marijuana and booze” plus discussion of “group sex” – what else is missing? Oh yes, some violence.

This article has a better take and tone, I think:

“It’ll be unfortunate if the reporting on Qui and this incident treats his arrest on domestic violence charges as just another unfortunate thing that happens in the restaurant business,” Dan Solomon wrote. “…

Addiction changes people when they’re using and relapse is always a risk. Horrible situation; glad they got out alive and I hope she chooses to stay away, with her baby.


“Cocaine’s a hell of a drug.”

Rick James