Patron in Tufnell Park (London)

There’s been a huge influx of French nationals moving to the Kentish Town/Tufnell Park area since a French school opened here a few years ago. Walking around the neighborhood, you’ll notice French being spoken by estate agents showing flats, French-speaking baristas at local cafes, and handmade posters for French conversation groups on bulletin boards.

However, the food scene doesn’t feel Francophile with the exception of Patron Cave a Manger on Fortess Road, which opened in the last year. The menu is classic and well-executed. Compared to our other local favorite, Shoe Shop, Patron’s food is much richer (or maybe that’s just our choices–escargot, savory onion creme brulee, onglet) and the dark interior feels more intimate and cozy. Special mention for the chocolate mousse which is listed as “guilt-free” on the menu (I think because it is dairy free).

The place is always packed, so here’s hoping we get more good-quality French offerings to reflect the growing community. I’d love a cheese shop.


Thanks, this does sound interesting! If you get a chance to try the mushrooms on toast, do report back.

(Really not keen on the “guilt-free” description of the dessert though.)

I agree with you on that; I have no guilt about dessert. And that chocolate mousse is amazing!