Patricia's of Tremont

This restaurant was recommended by a friend, any feedback
would be appreciated. We have given up on red sauce Italian
In Westchester…TIA

I would visit their original location years ago, but have not been to the new one. It was ok. More recently a friend told me of his visit to the Tremont location. He ordered simple Chicken Parmigiana and a glass of wine. He said the Chicken Parm came out of the kitchen in an instant, faster than his glass of wine. So what does that tell you?

Thank you for responding… The recommendation came from people who dined as part of a large group after a funeral Possible the food was not prepared in the way it would have been for a smaller party…may have been
family style…I’ll have to ask.

If you try it, please post about the experience. Also, Arthur Ave. in the Bronx is ‘red sauce city’, and they are all pretty good. Wonder why you gave up on red sauce Italian in Westchester, though…

We had our favorite spots…but due to the rapid increase and fluctuation in food prices It’s been our experience that the quality in many restaurants has fallen off…I am hesitant to recommend restaurants these days … We visit Arthur Ave on occasion most often when we are at the Zoo or Botanical Garden. Will definitely post If we try Patricia’s.