Patios and take-out in [York Region]

What are your favourite patios in York Region?

Which are your favourite restaurants for take-out?

Thanks in advance.

Diwan at the Aga Khan museum

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I appreciate the suggestion.

The Aga Khan Museum is located in the City of Toronto.

York Region is the region north of Steeles!

There are some nice Chinese restaurants with patios in Markham.

Unionville has quite a few patios. I visited this Pub’s Patio last summer.

I haven’t been to Aurora or Newmarket in 20 years.

I’ve been to Diwan twice. Once before Mark McEwan took over, and once since. On both visits, I wasn’t impressed enough to return.
And still resent the $10 parking fee!
But I thoroughly recommend the Museum itself - just eat elsewhere (although there’s nothing I recommend within easy walking distance - if you’re driving, then Thorncliffe Park is convenient (but no patios).

Ah, my bad.

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I took a very long TTC bus ride through Thorncliffe Park to avoid that stupid parking fee the last time I visited.

The Aga Khan should pay for the parking if he wants people to visit a restaurant in the ‘burbs.

The Toronto Zoo should also offer free parking, too. Parking, entry for 2 adults and a teenager, 3 slices of crappy Pizza Pizza, and 3 bottled soft drinks at the Zoo came to over $100 in 2018. I bet that excursion would cost closer to $150 in 2023.

Try $200!!! Damn!

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