Patel Brothers (new location) [Old Bridge/Parlin, NJ]

The Patel Brothers store that used to be on Old Road (parallel to Route 9 between Route 34 and the Old Bridge Park and Ride) has moved to what used to be a different Patel Brothers store on the northeast corner of Route 9 and Ernston Road, in the shopping cluster with Bombay Talk and SIngas.

They completely rebuild the building, so the inside looks much like the Old Road store, although bigger even than that (and certainly bigger than what used to be there). It is also much better lit than the previous tenant.

Alas, they stock only MTR and Swad pouches (I prefer Kohinoor because it is much lower in fat). On the other hand, if you want Indian snack foods, they have a big selection of them. And they certainly have more than Bhavani, in the Texas Road shopping plaza across the way.

All in all, this store (which is way more conveniently located) makes driving to Edison for groceries pretty much unnecessary (for me, anyway).

I had no idea! I usually head to Subzi Mandi Cash and Carry in Edison. This is certainly closer. I’ll have to try that. (Although in Edison I tend to also do HMart.)

There’s a Subzi Mandi Cash and Carry in Piscataway, across from where I work (BC Tire)… I don’t actually work at the Piscataway location, but I’m there several times per week. Never been in the store… might have to check it out. Other notable restaurants in that general area: Crown Fried Chicken - excellent fried chicken. Also, amazing cheesecake! Four Seasons Thai… still haven’t been, but at least I know where it is now. And a slew of Indian restaurants, including a Dosa place.

SE corner of Route 9 and Ernston Road: We stopped going to Crown after Mark reported that the restroom was in less than sanitary condition. That may have been a one-off, but it made the place less appealing to us. The lunch at Rajput is okay, but gets repetitive after a while. There is also Original Kaneshie Market West African and Caribbean Grocery next door to it, as well as Halal Meats.

NE corner of Route 9 and Ernston Road: The Dosa place (Bombay Talk) is pretty good–it replaced a sort of food court that never really took off. Singha’s Pizza has a good deal–buy two and get a plain one free. Because they are relatively small, we get three pizzas, eat one there and take two home. We’ve never tried Tower of India. We used to like Bordeloi’s, but they closed.