pastry-ing: it's simple!

Hello all
here is a site with easy pastry recipes:
But there are buts!: it’s in French! it uses metric measures!
French is the easiest part: just drink some red wine and you will be fluent!
If you want to translate do not hesitate! (these recipes were created by my, now deceased, son … so the site is “in memoriam”)
Bear (French bear)


Welcome to the forum, bearbear. Or would bienvenue be better?

I’ll probably be OK with the French - we visit the country fairly often and there will be the help of Google Translate. As a European, metric measures are preferable of course.

My partner is the baker of the couple so I’ll pass this along (and she speaks much better French than I do).

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Thanks for sharing. Are you French?

I live in France so the recipes will be useful. These days google translate is handy.

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Well yes I am French (nobody is perfect).
May be later I will share my “cooking tricks”
What’s that? well not exactly recipes (no qty for instance) but tricks from which you can invent your own recipe (for instance: cooking with wine, cooking with vinegar, inventing you own couscous, and so on)

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