Pasteurized eggs Boston/waltham

so before I start driving all over Boston looking for another ingredient that just doesn’t exists around here again … I’m looking for pasteurized eggs, not cartons of premixed eggs but eggs that are pasteurized in their shells. These were in every grocery store in Ohio, they come in a carton of 12 eggs just like regular eggs. I use them over the holidays for things that contain raw eggs because I have elderly and very young company.

So far Market Basket and Hanafords don’t have them and the stock guys have clearly never heard of them.

Are they around? Strange how some items are so common in one region and just unavailable in others.

(Total tangent - you can not get hot dog buns that are split on the top - a la a lobster roll - in Ohio, so it goes both ways)

I have not seen these. You could call Whole Foods to check- this seems like the type of question they would be able to answer over the phone and sometimes they carry stuff other supermarkets don’t.

I remember in an old CH thread that someone said that Dave’s Fresh Pasta sold them some pasteurized eggs from their own stock in the kitchen. They don’t carry them in the refrigerator case. It might be worth an email to see if they would be willing to do that.