Pastene spinach fettuccini sightings? Boston

So, I just got an email back from the Pastene company that their spinach fettuccini nidi (nests) have been discontinued! Bummer. We’d stockpiled some months back and have now gone through all of them. I thought it was just our Somerville Market Basket that was not carrying them, and was gearing up for a run to Chelsea, but apparently they are no more. The customer service rep said I might be able to find some tagliatelle verdi at smaller stores- unclear if also discontinued. Any sightings? Anyone familiar with this product? Got a substitution suggestion? My kids love their green noodles, and in my opinion these were the best dried spinach noodles and about 1/2 the price of deBoles and various other artisan offerings from Whole Foods, etc. Thanks!

like this but green…

I haven’t seen any spinach fettuccine of any brand at all on the shelves at the Star Market or the Stop and Shop near me in months. It’s like everyone decided to stop making them recently.

De Cecco makes a similar product. Have you tried Russos?


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