Pastene spinach fettuccini sightings? Boston

So, I just got an email back from the Pastene company that their spinach fettuccini nidi (nests) have been discontinued! Bummer. We’d stockpiled some months back and have now gone through all of them. I thought it was just our Somerville Market Basket that was not carrying them, and was gearing up for a run to Chelsea, but apparently they are no more. The customer service rep said I might be able to find some tagliatelle verdi at smaller stores- unclear if also discontinued. Any sightings? Anyone familiar with this product? Got a substitution suggestion? My kids love their green noodles, and in my opinion these were the best dried spinach noodles and about 1/2 the price of deBoles and various other artisan offerings from Whole Foods, etc. Thanks!

like this but green…

I haven’t seen any spinach fettuccine of any brand at all on the shelves at the Star Market or the Stop and Shop near me in months. It’s like everyone decided to stop making them recently.

De Cecco makes a similar product. Have you tried Russos?


Here we are again. Miraculously, in 2019 or 2020 spinach nidi began showing up again on shelves for a year or so. I got complacent, did not stock pile enough, then COVID hit and basically everything stopped being available. Once again, I come to you to see if anyone has seen this pasta or has an in with the Pastene company.


Not dried so not what you are asking for. In case you might be interested, Capone Foods in Union Sq Somerville has fresh spinach pasta in several versions. He sells to Whole Foods and others; price at his shop is very reasonable. He also sells imported dry pasta but I don’t see any spinach.

Not Pastene (their website does not have it) but there’s a Colavita alternative:


Eataly tends to have different spinach pasta available - you might want to call them
or check online (but not sure how good/frequently they update their online inventory) has several spinach pastas available.

Thanks, all! I did get an email back from customer service at Pastene saying the product had been discontinued. I might just go for that 10 pack of Colavita tagliatelle from Amazon. It’s the closest to Pastene’s $1.99/pound product for pantry stocking.

I do love Capone’s, although I wish they still had the storefront in North Cambridge, as I avoid Union Square at all costs due to the construction/traffic nightmare it’s become. Dave’s also has decent fresh spinach pasta and will cut any width, but it’s not the same as having it on the shelf.


I agree about the Union Square nightmare for going to Capone. It does seem to have gotten better recently, but is likely to get worse, of course. We live close by. We order online and he emails back when it’s ready for curbside pick up; just call when you get there illegally parked. The Capone website is great and see things I suddenly “need” that I didn’t know about before.


Just brought our last pound of these up from the basement and went to re-order… d’oh- no longer available on Amazon! You’ve got to be kidding me. Looks like I may have to order direct from Colavita which very well may result in some, uh, cart filling to hit free shipping. This is getting to be an expensive pasta habit.

As follow up, we found them to be slightly shorter noodles, a little less toothsome, and a bit less likely to stick together than the Pastene version. Two family members preferred Colavita; two prefer the Pastene so a very good substitute.