Passover desserts

I’m gonna be driving from Walnut Creek to Hayward then to the Inner Richmond. Can you think of any Passover-appropriate desserts I can buy along the way?

Doesn’t need to be officially kosher, but needs to be unleavened. No one will be too big a stickler for it being non-dairy, so something like a group-sized flan would do (where to buy?).

Maybe call Costco Hayward Bakery if they can make a large group-size flan.

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Thanks! I never noticed group-sized flans at Costco, and will keep that in mind in the future.

My plan was to get Korean desserts at J K bakery in Hayward, but they weren’t making varieties I like today :frowning:

As plan B, I went to Suruki Supermarket in San Mateo and picked up the last few fresh mochi they had— a “cinna mocha” and a butter mochi, both of which went over well.

I also stopped into a store on the same block that had Eastern European products, and packaged halvah seemed like a good fit. Funny how each generation repeats what preceded it ---- later in the evening I had a flashback to eating halvah as a kid, and realized it was probably the adult option among my family’s suite of kosher for Passover desserts. Had I realized this earlier, I would have stopped by Crossroads in Hayward, which has a variety of halvah by the pound.

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Good to hear you found other stuff to bring. I need to try the halvah at Crossroads in Hayward. Not sure if I’ve tried halvah.

I know I’ve seen huge flan at Costco, but it’s not available every day, so I suggest calling the Costco bakery and see if they can make it for you. Maybe next time I stop I will ask them if they do special request with enough notice.

I’m late, but Flourless chocolate cake (with strawberries & vanilla ice cream), and macaroons are another idea. Maybe next year :slight_smile:

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Too late, but bear in mind that refrigerator/freezer space may be at a premium, so try for something where the leftovers can be stored at room temperature.

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