Parker Mansion (Westport, CT) - First Burger Take

Another new restaurant opened in the Saugatuck area of Westport, Parker Mansion. It took over the space that formerly house the Mansion Clam House just west of the bridge. After a bunch of emails that it served a great burger and the weather in the 50s mid-February I visited. Pretty cool space, clean lines sorta Ikea meets New England. I ordered the Parker burger.

Sat in the bar area and watched the three TVs playing CNN, ESPN and waited. Burger arrived and it looked great, very vertically challenged, good sized patty. I cut in half and it was cooked just a little beyond my requested med-rare. I tasted the meat and it was outstanding, so far so good. The burger also included frizzled onions, pickles, shredded lettuce and tomato with a special sauce on a Kaiser.

The first bite of the combo was pure-meat-pickle, nothing else. I tasted the Cheddar cheese, pretty bland, tomato likewise and bun was in the same category. Bite after bite of meat-pickle. Fries were pretty good.

Overall it was great meat but the rest was not in the same league. Too bad and hopefully they kick it up.

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