Paris - Sunday Night Dinner

Never had any great luck finding Sunday night dinner in Paris.
Septime is open but not my favorite. Would actually prefer Clamato but they do not take reservations and I need reservations given that is our last night in Paris and need to pack, etc.
Maybe Les Enfants Rouges but would like something fancier.
Currently thinking that Le Rigmarole is my best bet.
Any other recommendations? Seafood leaning but will eat meat. (previous favorites are Sola, Montee, Pages, Ze Kitchen Gallery, Yam’tcha, Pierre Sang, La Condesa, David Touran, Le Clarence)
Thank you!

We’ve always done “ethnic” on Sunday nights. Viet, Lao, etc…

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Which Laotian places do you enjoy?

It’s been about 5-6 years since my last trip. So my suggestions are way out of date. But the 13th had 2-3 and I read about one in Belleville, Lao-Siam, 49 rue de Belleville (via the Guardian last winter) that is supposed to be good. But, I haven’t been there myself. Also, the large Brasseries are usually open on Sundays. Not earth shattering food, but they can be ok.


For my upcoming trip in September, I too will be arriving in Paris on a Sunday. Initially, had the same dilemma as you but manged to find two highly rated bistros that open. Will give one of them a try.

‘Auberge Bressane, 75007’ …great Poulet in vin Jaune and morel, Pigeon, and souffle. ( My daughter just ate there two weeks ago and loved it…so did our fraternity member ’ Trish ’

The other one is ’ Chez Fernand Christine, 75006 '…famous for their Boeuf Bourgignon using beef cheeks. ( another recommendation from member of this board )

For seafood, ’ Comptoir de Mers, 75004 ’ is open. Fish monger in restaurant to guarantee freshness of products?!


Charles, will you have any Chinese meals in Paris?

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Sunday is not all that difficult. Have a look at the very enjoyable Petrelle in the 9th, and foodie and 1-star Automne in the 11th (but a long tasting menu), trendy/hip Bouche in the 11th (but background music can be intrusive), Le Collier de la Reine in the 3rd for seafood, Le Chardenoux in the 11th (see @PenelopeWitherspoon review), Racines in the 2nd for updated/ modern Sardinian/ Italian, delightful Flocon in the 5th, etc

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Re Comptoir de Mers, the fresh oysters/ shellfish are very good for takeout from the écailler/ fishmongers counter but not better than most other fishmongers in Paris. The restaurant is not exceptional either and I find the cooking inconsistent. Not sure why it appears on your list.

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Love it! Exactly the kind of recommendations I was looking for! You are the best!

this sounds great!

this does not sound that great!

cool name!

I also see that Pavyllon Alleno is open sunday night. Even though I was not thrilled with the 3* Alleno, this one looks interesting and stone’s throw from our apartment.

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Well! Don’t forget I am just your ordinary future tourist visitor, relying, like most ,on your typical food blogs and social media platforms like Time-Out, Yelp, Tripadvisors, the Fork…etc for info and research. On top, my choice of Comptoir de Mers was based on price point and their offering of a decent looking ’ Soupe de Poisson '!
Now with helpful expert feedback from locals like you, I know what to avoid! FYI, my seafood meal will be on a Saturday and have selected the small ‘Seulement Sea’. Choice OK?!

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@THECHARLES . Time-Out recommended Comptoir de Mers for its restaurant ? I’m surprised. Time Out is usually quite reliable but I only know the French version which is rather different from the English version.

Yes, Seulement Sea is quite good. And I seem to remember (i.e. not certain) that bouillabaisse is the plat du jour on Saturdays, a dish rather difficult to find in Paris. For just a bowl of soupe de poissons as a snack if you happen to be in the area, continuous-hours Huguette on rue de Seine or, if you happen to wander outside the tourist zones to share your time and place with Parisians, Sea Bar in the vibrant Aligre quartier. (Psst, I’m a nag and am determined to get you-- and other visitors-- to the Aligre quartier for a non-touristy food-centric slice of Parisian life)

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Good choice. Delicious food.

Ha! Ha! Looks like my wavelength is starting to morph towards yours?
In fact ’ Sea Bar Paris Perche ’ is my list as well, an alternate to ’ Seulement Sea '…just in case!!
Thanks again!
Also, just came across a place called ’ Elmer ’ near Republique. Modern bistro-French. No tasting only a-la-carte. Michelin Bib I think.
Latest, all rave reviews, with one commenting, "People come to Paris to visit Eiffel Tower, I come to Paris to visit ’ Elmer '!! Have you heard or been? So far, that ’ Modern bistro French ’ spot I picked ’ Eels '.

Elmer is very near my brother’s apartment and I know it well. Very reliable and enjoyable on the fringes of the trendy and food-centric Haut Marais. Very good nosh but not really a destination resto. I wonder how many other restos in Paris the rave reviewers have been to.

The rue Notre Dame de Nazareth (where Elmer is located) is developing into a quite a good and chill restaurant/ bar street. One of my favourite seafood restaurants, the trendy Istr, is just up the street. Plus a handful of rather stylish cocktail/ wine bars and an excellent pâtisserie (Philippe Conticini).

A pair of septuagenarians could feel out of place but you will be warmly welcomed, I assure you.

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I ate there on my last trip a couple of weeks ago, solo, and was underwhelmed, mostly by the service, but also by the serviceable, but not imaginative food. My “write-up” that is mostly just a thumbs-up/down because I had been so many places, and had little time to get something up here in a timely way, but I won’t go back in a hurry.

I think L’Assiette is a good Sunday night option. I would go for their creme caramel alone. Best I’ve ever had.

Do you mean Pavyllon Alleno?