Paris - Sunday Birthday Dinner & Trip Planning

I am prepping for a trip to Paris in January and am having a hard time identifying special occasion restaurants for Sunday. We’re looking for a special place for my bday.

I have been going through the threads and thought I would post to get some feedback on our tentative food itinerary as well as get some suggestions for Sunday lunch & dinner (mostly dinner.)

Lunch - Mokonuts/Clown Bar
Dinner - Perception
Lunch - Alliance
Dinner - Pantagruel
Lunch - le 6
Dinner - Petrelle
Lunch - Aspic
Dinner - Kei (open to another 3***)
Lunch -??Bouche/Clamato
Dinner - ??

All of the above are of course dependent on getting the res.
Open to any and all suggestions! Thank you!

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Already made adjustments to our plans based on reading through the Paris threads!

Lunch - Mokonuts
Dinner - Le Clarence (Thanks for your note on other threads about it being an “only in Paris” experience @ParnParis)
Lunch - Granite: We went for dinner July this year and our minds were blown. Have to go again for lunch this time around
Dinner - Pantagruel
Lunch - Alliance: Following everyone’s lead in going for lunch
Dinner - Perception: Still hesitant on this one!
Lunch - Juveniles/Le Clown Bar: contemplating between the two. Both are similar to our favorite, Four Horsemen in Brooklyn.
Dinner - Geosmine: Super excited to try this newer restaurant.
Lunch - Les Enfants du Marche
Dinner - Petrelle: Sunday birthday dinner conundrum solved, unless there are any other must dos

One of our hesitations with 2* or 3* restaurants is that we live in NYC, and have been fortunate to frequent amazing places like Brooklyn Fare, Daniel, Noz, so we are trying to have as unique of an experience as possible.

Looking forward to anyone’s feedback on our list!

I too was considering Aspic. However, I don’t think they are open for lunch!
BTW, fellow fraternity members…any recent updates on Aspic?!

Looking forward to your trip report…since I’ll be using that to pick between Granite and Alliance?!

@nycange Having gone to both Alliance and Perception in March, doing both in one day is really a lot. When I first was putting together my March visit, a number of HO’s warned me about food fatigue and I wasn’t convinced I would feel that way—-until 3 days in on 6 day visit!

Fyi, Geosmine is also open on Sundays and is terrific, was there for lunch this past Sunday. That said, Petrelle would be a lovely choice for a birthday celebration—doing a return lunch visit there this Sunday. Enjoy!

I was also going to post a warning flag about Alliance and Perception in one day. I might follow Alliance with a late (9-ish) dinner at a wine bar, like Frenchie Bar à Vins, or a tapas place like Café du Coin in the 11th.

@THECHARLES I will definitely post a trip report and yes - looks like ASPIC is dinner only! If it makes any difference to you, from the pictures of Alliance and my experience at Granite - Granite is probably a hair more casual than Alliance.

@Kjtravels Thank you for the heads up on Geosmine & the warning ! Hope you’re having a wonderful time

@sfcarole Thank you for the suggestions. We are prone to overeating so planning on a small late dinner will probably be in our favor. Do you think Chocho a la carte would be also a good option or still too heavy?

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Chocho would be a great option. You can order plates to share (or not) to suit your appetite. Many times I’ve refused to budge from a hotel room or apartment until I’m actually hungry again, much to my husband’s chagrin. Sometimes it’s not until 9:30 or so. And it gets a lot easier to walk into many places at that time.

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Just shared my trip report! Here

Unfortunately, we were not able to get a reservation at Alliance! All of January was not available.

Alliance is closed the last two weeks of January as chef Toshitaka Omiya is cooking in Japan during that time.

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