Paris report - Pages, Granite, Montee, Flocon

Pages - It was our 5th time dining at Pages ('14,'18,'19,'21,'22). We thought that the restaurant continuously improved over the years with the best dinner there in '21.
Service was outstanding… The food itself was a bit less interesting than before, but expertly executed with perfect balances of flavor, temperature, and texture. Nothing stood out, as every course was excellent.

I really did appreciate the classy service, and when I asked Antoine midway through the dinner if we should order another bottle of wine, he suggested that we will be ok with the bottle we had and gave us some Gevrey Chambertin gratis .
I did not manage to photograph all the courses (there were a few smaller bites and a couple of deserts)

Fish Caviar - our favorite course! Perfect texture on the fish.

Chicken/Chanterelles/Egg - this was a very juicy chicken


two kinds of beef (forgot kobe/wagyu vs something else)

Granite - this is our new favorite in Paris. They gave us a choice of upstairs or downstairs - when it was Spring I liked downstairs - no upstairs is definitely more pleasant to me. Watching the kitchen work was fun! The team worked very hard!

Amuse bouche

forgot what that was, but it was delicious!

Bread and butter!


Lobster - wonderful sauce x 2

Fish course - our favorite.

Pigeon - it was just ok. My wife had rabbit which was spectacular (no photo).

Pre-desert - peach something…

Desert 1

Desert 2

Overall, we enjoyed Granite very much. Their service was warm and attentive.

Montee - This was our 4th time at Montee ('18,'19,'21, '22), so we clearly like Montee. On two prior visits this was my wife’s favorite dinner. Unlike the last year, the restaurant was full this time, but it has not impacted the quality.


After 3 nights of tasting menus it was nice to order a la carte and more relaxed atmosphere was great too. Seating in Flocon is kind of tight but we were lucky to sit by the window/door and even get some air. Best Sunday dinner I have had in Paris.

Zuccini - beautifully plated and very delicious.


Hake - I did not get a good shot of it but it was superbly prepared, on par with any Michelin starred place I tried.

Potatoes - these were the best seasoned potatoes I have ever tried.

Riz au Lait - almond milk, light, not overly sweet, and a perfect finish to our dinner,


Thanks. Really appreciate the photos and commentary. Although we’re already set for Montee this coming weekend and have several other tasting menu places in our plans, we’ll be able to space them out over the course of a month. We also reserved for dinner at Granite, which is not easily done, even a month in advance. The only dinner reservations available on line for 2 were for Oct 19th, which we took. Lots of availability for lunch, but that’s not what we want in this case. Hadn’t heard of Flocon (somehow missed Parn’s recommendation on the “Sunday Night Dinner” thread) & will look into going, perhaps for lunch. Again, thanks.

Thanks for the great report and all the pictures. Everything looks so enticing.

Thanks for putting the time an effort to share the information, everything looks great !

Agree with all of the thanks! I’ve only eaten at one of the four and am happy to have all on my radar. I will next be in Paris during a difficult week (most difficult part Dec. 30-Jan.1) and will post for ideas closer to the time. I did check Granite, and it is closed those days, but I booked a table for Jan. 3 when they reopen. Merci!