Paris rabbit?

I know it’s not the season but does anyone have a recommendation for a place that might still be serving rabbit?

Rabbit is always in season (it’s farmed) but it has become a rare item at Paris restaurants.

Rabbit eerily disappeared from Paris menus at roughly the same time that they eradicated the warrens abutting the CDG runways. However, I have been assured that there’s no connection.


This is a list of restaurants that purport to serve rabbit. I cannot vouch for accuracy, but at least it gives you a start and you can call the restaurants that interest you to see if rabbit is indeed being served.

Thank you for this list. We departed Paris today but will use this list for our next visit in the fall.

In fall, you will be able to find “lievre” (hare) in menu when the hunting season is opened. Although most hares are farmed than hunted these days. The flesh of hares when compared to rabbit, is more firm and richer in taste, and cooking can be quite different. If you have the chance, try both of them in your next trip. The most famous dish of hare is called lievre à la royale, and usually available between end of October to December.

The above link in Onzième’s post is a good starting point, many of those restaurants often change their menu. If your aim is to eat rabbit, I think it’s better to call the restaurant and ask if the rabbit dish is still served on your reserved day to avoid disappointment.

I had wild lievre once at a roadside place in the hills inland from Nice. It was black, pungent and almost tasted like liver.

Are you thinking rabbit (lapin) or hare (lièvre)? For me eating rabbit is the same as eating cat- which is why they leave the head on at the butcher’s so you can be sure it’s one or the other :o), but lièvre is a very different animal.

Lievre. Yup, not at all like rabbit.