Paris plans for September/October - Please comment

We will be in Paris from September 29 to October 3. I have 4 dinners and 2 lunches to plan, going back to a few favorites and trying some new places. It’s been challenging as many are closed either on the weekend or Monday/Tuesday. Parn, ninkat and sfcarole have made many good suggestions on various threads,. A number of them don’t fit our schedule but a few work and I think we will be very happy with them. I’m also avoiding tasting menus or those with very limited choices.

This is what I have so far:

Friday dinner - Parcelles (a favorite from last year)

Saturday dinner - Le Servan

Monday lunch - Le Radis Beurre (long-time favorite)

Monday dinner - Jeanne-Aimee

Tuesday lunch - Brigade du Tigre

Tuesday dinner - Le Sergent Recruter (another favorite from last year)

I love that 2 of these have Asian influences. It will be a nice break from standard French.

Comments would be appreciated.


List is very appealing to me. I’ve never eaten at Le Radis Beurre, Brigade du Tigre or Le Sergent Recruter and have put all on my list (endless!) of places to try. The others are all new and old favorites.

I’m with you on the tasting menus, though I found when I was in Barcelona last winter that I had three tasting menu dinners, all spectacular, so I’m not quite as closed minded as before, I guess. Still, I am back in Barca for a few days ahead of Paris, and I am going back to the two of those restaurants that have a la carte menus for a return visit. Hard for me to even contemplate going back to a restaurant that ONLY has tasting menu, even if it was great.

One of the things I like so much about Jeanne-Aimee, for example, is that diner gets to create her/his own “tasting” menu, and the menu changes frequently (at least frequently for this regular, but not constant, visitor to Paris). I hope you like it as much as I have over the last year plus. It’s on my list every time I am in Paris these days because it is reliably (to me) delicious and creative.

I can only eat one proper Paris meal in a day, but if you can do it, I take my hat off to you! Looking forward to hearing your impressions.

Looks like a good list and I completely agree about tasting menus (avoid them). Wanted to go to Brigade Du Tigre in May but they were sadly closed the week we were there. Have enjoyed Le Servan many times and really liked Parcelles in May. Our other favorite of the week was Kubri in the 11th which is Lebanese and had delicious food.

This looks like a great list. And as with ninkat we also haven’t tried Le Radis Beurre, Brigade du Tigre (although I love Eels) nor Le Sergent Recruter. However, the latter is on the Île St. Louis, I believe, thus near “our” apartment (how I wish) so I may try to get there this autumn.

Nosy me would love to know what you have planned for Sunday…

I personally have no problem with tasting menus in part because fish, flesh or fowl, cooked or raw, prime cuts or offal, I love everything and sometimes it’s fun to be surprised. Well, one thing I cannot abide is coffee (very bizarre) but even a small cup of coffee is not so bad with about three tablespoons of sugar added, and maybe a scoop of vanilla ice cream. :wink:

Sunday is always the day we spend at home with our friends. We go to the local farmers’ market in the morning and buy food for the day,

Take a look at my blog to see some of the meals we have done in past years: