[Paris] Modern restaurant for a Monday dinner near 6e

Returning to Paris next month for first time in 3 years. Been doing my homework, and I’ll ask for more general feedback soon.

We arrive on a Monday in September, and I’ve noticed that most of the restaurants I’m interested in are closed Mondays. E.g. Quinsou, Mordu, Pouliche, Bouillon 47

Suggestions for modern cuisine (but not a big tasting menu, since it’s our first night) within say a 15 minute walk, or perhaps metro ride, of the 6e, where we are staying the first week before moving to the 11e the second week, much appreciated.

Lots of possibilities. I’ll just throw out some randoms:

In the 5th:

In the 6th:

In the 7th:
Le 122 (had gone downhill, but revived with a change of ownership)

Not sure what you mean by modern, but Alliance is probably the most original of those I mention.

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In the 1st:

Liquide par Substance
Willi’s Wine Bar

In the 2nd:
Café Compagnon

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Granite is on my list for later in the trip, but feels like too big a meal for the first night.

Liquide would be perfect, but not open Mondays.

Zebulon per Google and Zebulon’s website is not open on Mondays; interestingly, LeFork will allow me to reserve a table for Mondays. Which should I believe?

I will check out Willi’s, Cafe Compagnon and Marcore.


Been to Alliance. Too big a meal for a first night

Will check out Huguette and Le 122. A quick glance at the carte for Le 122 looks spot on for a first night meal.

By “modern”, I mostly meant not “traditional French (old school)”


Have not been to Le 122, but Huguette has always been great for me. You can take an outside or outside-ish table. Grom ice cream after- walk Buci and the church areas ( St. S and St.G). What is nice about Huguette is you can be a bit loose-goosey with your ordering and your timing. I otherwise often visit Japanese on the first night.


Sorry about Liquide par Substance – my mistake, as my list does indeed show it as Tue-Sat. Zébulon was M-Sat on my list, but the labor shortage may be affecting opening hours.

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Sauvage on rue du Cherche Midi. Used to be a wine bar with food. Now a restaurant with a “cave” across the street.

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Thanks much! I’ve seen the name before, never been and somehow it had fallen off my list

Very good recommendations by others. I especially like Huguette for the fun factor (and the petite friture) and Sauvage for the modern cuisine. I haven’t been to Le 122 since pre-Covid so can’t comment on its current quality. Onz and I have very similar tastes and I trust his recommendations.

I know tourists like to walk everywhere but, just in case you are willing to take a taxi or Vélib electric bike (but not métro which turns it into a joyless journey), I highly recommend Origines on rue Ponthieu in the 8th. A choice of a very seasonable à la carte menu or a tasting menu. Normally the Champs Elysées area represents the worst of Paris but not so Origines nor this more real-life stretch of rue Ponthieu.

The food is bistronomique (updated/ lighter trad) rather than full-on modern but since I live in the lower 6th, I’ll share a new neighbourhood favourite, La Grivoiserie on rue Saint-Beuve. Followed by a stroll to the boulevard Montparnasse for a post-prandial drink at the piano bar of the Closerie des Lilas or the people-watching terrace of La Rotonde or Le Select.

If you want to share your time and space with Germanopratins (as the residents of St Germain des Prés are called) rather than other tourists, Aux Prés on rue Dragon is a good bet. I like the food (modern French + international), the ambiance, and the trendy clientele but definitely not a one-size-fits-all place.


Thanks much for the recommendations!

I already have both Huguette and La Rotonde on my list for oysters / light meals later in the week on days when we’ve had a bigger meal for lunch. (Q: is there any way to make a reservation at La Rotonde other than by phone? My restaurant French in person is more than adequate, but I often struggle on the phone)

I will be sure to check out Origines and La Grivoiserie in particular.

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