Paris Missives -- Restaurant reviews in Paris, FRANCE

I am retired so for the love of food I blog about restaurants and general life in Paris. I do not accept advertisements nor do I let anyone know I’m reviewing their restaurant. I also do not accept invitations from restaurants for a review and be “comped”. I want to keep my reviews pure and unbiased. I specialize in reviewing “flavor of the month” restaurants, but mostly neighborhood restaurants, which I prefer.

P.S. I live mostly in Paris, but I’m originally from SF.

I will try and keep this updated as I review restaurants. You can check my reviews on my blog.

Welcome to Hungry Onion! Thank you for your posts and your links! Please feel at home here as this forum is still relatively young and the French and the Europe board is still growing. You can also take a look at other boards that are more lively.

May I ask how did you discovered this forum?

Thank you. I saw some boards from some friends, so decided I’d like to contribute. Especially since a lot of people get the food scene in Paris so, so, wrong. Tourists come here with rose tinted glasses and everything is wonderful, when in fact it’s horrible. I’ve been here since 2008 and have to say the food scene has really developed as a result of foreign influence as well as French Chef’s traveling the world. Cause let’s face it, after a while traditional French food can get VERY boring. “Fade, non?”