Paris lunch - le Taillevent vs le Gabriel

Any thoughts on le Taillevent versus Le Gabriel for a special birthday lunch for my husband? We are looking for something that feels special with delicious food. Successful previous birthday lunches have been Le Clarence and Le Cinq (when they still did lunch). Any insights would be appreciated.

Hard to tell. On one hand, now that Le Taillevent has inherited Le Clarence’s former chef, Giuliano, the food is far more interesting and fun. On the other hand, Le Gabriel and Jérôme Banctel’s fine-tuned, precise, unpretentious cooking is quite unique. His steamed mackerel is one of the best things I ever ate. I’d say pick one, no matter which, you won’t regret it.

If you folks are ’ wine aficionado ', Taillevent’s wine list ( book ) is absolutely amazing…only second to La Tour D’Argent’s.

We haven’t inclination yet. That said, we could relish lunch at La Tour D’Argent just to order Ch. Latour or Les Forts de Latour.

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We considered la tour d’argent but I read too many mediocre reviews. Anybody had a good lunch there recently?

Sometimes we’re a bit easy. From what we’ve found online, the lunchtime view with the prospect of surely enjoyable cooking and extraordinary quaff selection is tipping us in that direction next time in the neighborhood.

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