[Paris] Le Servan

Has anyone been to Le Servan recently? How was it?

We’ve haven’t been in 4 years but always really enjoyed it on our annual trips to Paris pre Covid. Reviews I read before our last trip still sounded very positive and we only didn’t go back because I wanted to try new places. I love the Asian/Thai influences. We’ve also eaten at their other restaurant-Double Dragon.

Thanks for your response. I’ll go and report back.

I was there for lunch in September, and am STILL remembering the ravioli I had there. It is on the list for next September!

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May 2022 we went and it was fantastic.

Just had lunch there today. Still very, very good.


Wow, very appealing menu (to me). Thanks for sharing your impressions and pics!

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Thanks for the wonderful photos and the menu. Seems like everyone reports positive experiences. Any thoughts on lunch versus dinner?

P.S. I’ve reserved for when I am going to be in Paris mid-month. Will report back!

Just a quick reply: Ate at Le Servan last night (had never tried it in the before times). Wow. My friend and I had a wonderful time. Food was fantastic. Took the suggestion from the sommelier for a great bottle of wine (white), unusual. I didn’t take pictures, sorry, but my friend might recall if someone wants to know. Food was interesting, flavorful, different, complex. Just wow! Crowd was lively, all seemingly having a great time, buzzy. Really loved the experience. Merci to H.O. once again!


One of my favorite spots. Regret we didn’t go in May. I was trying to try new places and ran out of nights. We also liked their other restaurant-Double Dragon.

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This looks wonderful. I’m putting it on the list for our late September trip.

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Our meal there this week was a major disappointment.

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So sorry to hear that. We loved it when we were there in October. Can you elaborate on what was disappointing?

Sorry you had a poor lunch there. I was disappointed actually not to have been able to try their clams, as they have gotten a lot of love around various boards, and I had a yellow chicken when (poulet jaune?) I went the first time, maybe prepared differently than the one you had. Two absolutely splendid meals when I went. That egg with girolles, etc., fantastic. Agree that the wine, not such a much!

Where do you recommend in Paris for chicken? (I’m going to recommend the wings at Reyna to you! And think a bit more about my question.)

Wines by the glass were not good (there are some good bottles on the list but we weren’t up to splitting one); clams lacked flavor and were in a broth that tasted musty; poulet jaune with mushrooms and chestnuts was only adequate but unexciting.

It’s easy for me to get a superior chicken and roast it for myself. That said, I do often take it as I love suprême de voilaille when done well. I’ll have to think a bit on where it’s consistently good. For roast chicken in a restaurant, @Carmenere has recommended the restaurant in the middle of the Luxembourg Gardens which I’ve been meaning to try but haven’t yet. Maybe she can offer some other suggestions for chicken.

Like you I tend to not order roast chicken in restaurants, for the same reasons. Suprême de volaille has to be done well, but it rarely is. Few places have figured out how not to overcook it.
The restaurant in the middle of the Luxembourg gardens is La Table du Luxembourg, with Philippe Renard (former Lutétia) at the helm. Classic roasted chicken with its jus and mashed potatoes. I think they keep it a little too warm throughout the service and it tends to get dry, so it’s better ordered early.

So maybe not ordering chicken if you are going to write about a restaurant would be a fairer way to go, though I do understand being disappointed makes one less inclined to eat in a restaurant. Also, with respect to the clams, I understand they are “pungent [with] fish sauce,” and perhaps that is a flavor you simply do not care for? You would not be alone! But I think to “dismiss” (best word I can find) the whole restaurant as a “major disappointment” because perhaps you mis-ordered, would be a shame.

I took away from the review that the broccoli tempura and ravioli dishes were a success and both sounded delicious. I tend to go back over and over again to my favorite restaurants in California and order one of two things that I have found that I love. So two out of four ain’t bad! When we first visited Le Servan we loved the Asian/Filipino influences and it felt very new and different. Perhaps that uniqueness has faded a bit as Paris dining has changed and become more international, but I have lots of good memories of the restaurant and it’s casual ambiance and tasty spicy food.