[Paris] Le Comptoir de Medoc

My companion in life had dinner here the other night. I wouldnt usually mention a “secondhand” meal but she reckoned I’d have loved it, so I’m giving it a shout.

It opened in January and it’s small, only about 7 tables. As suggested by the name, it features food and wine from the Medoc. There’s a very modern take to “decoration” which, at first, seems pretty non-existant but then the projectors start up with images of the rural Medoc playing gently on the walls. From time to time, in the background, you may hear birdsong, or running water suggesting a babbling brook.

Food is by way of tasting menu - either five or eight course - with a centrepiece of pigeon (although they were happy to swap that out for seabass for one of the diners). Good service, particularly from the sommelier who, when the table couldnt decide between two wines, brought samples of each for everyone.

She liked it - and I trust her judgement.

Thanks for the recommendation. Checked out several reviews in several places including the blog of Gilles Pudlowski, the plates looked delicious. Good to know the sommelier was helpful with recommendations. Will try to check the place out in the near future.