Paris Itinerary Feedback

Would love any feedback on this Paris food schedule. Dinner on day 1 is still up in the air – Septime seems to have some mixed reviews - Any feedback on the ones below or others I’m missing?

I realize it may be difficult to know what types of restaurants I’m interested in but for the most part I’m really just seeking out the must visit places in the city regardless of other factors. I’m open to *** Michelin’s as well but have read it’s mostly a mixed bag in Paris. I’m staying in the 3rd but distance is not a huge factor as long as it’s in the city.

Day 1
Dinner: Septime, Parcelles, Clamato, Maison, Le Servan, Le Mermoz, Plénitude (on waitlist), what else?

Day 2
Lunch: Few plates @ Les enfants du marché, then few plates at Clown Bar
Dinner: Table

Day 3
L: David Toutain
D: Granite

Day 4
L: Le Bon Georges
D: A.T

Day 1: Septime is a has-been although somehow lingers as somewhere special in the minds of American tourists. Not saying the food is bad, just not better than scores of other places in Paris i.e Géosmine, Mallory Gabsi, Jeanne-Aimée, Pantagruel, Perception, Alliance, etc etc etc.

Day 3: Serious food/ restaurant fatigue warning alert. And a consensus on this board is forming that Granite is occasionally disappointing and that Hémicycle in the 7th is a very worthy alternative. I for one am not a big fan of David Toutain… interesting cuisine but the vibe/ ambiance is deadeningly dull.

Day 4: More heaving lifting and another long tasting menu at dinner. I haven’t been to A.T. in years and so not sure of its current quality.

Thanks! Some new recs to me there as well so I’ll dig into those a bit more.