[Paris] Itinerary Check

Hello! Been lurking here for a bit. I think I have everything planned out for our short trip before heading to Spain. I have 2 and a half days. Staying on edge of the Latin Quarter, Montparnasse and the 5th of that makes sense.

Day 1:
Dinner at L’ASSIETTE
Day 2:
Lunch at Mokonuts
Dinner at L’ami Jean
Day 3:
Lunch at Parcelles
Dinner at Omar Dhiab
Day 4:
Leave Paris on a flight to Madrid late afternoon

Pastry shops list nearby me:
La Maison d’isabelle
The Breads Of Alexis
Philippe Conticini
Carl Marletti
Sadaharu Aoki
Le Fournil de Mouffetard

Thanks for any feedback!

Well, this certainly looks great to me. I might cap it off with a lunch at Sourire at 15 rue de la Santé in the 13th, but very close to the 5th and Montparnasse. Depends, I guess, what time you have to leave for the airport, whether you might have last minute sightseeing or shopping to do and what day of the week it is (Sourire is open for lunch only on Friday and Saturday). Or maybe stop at some wonderful spot on your way out of the city.

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Just read your reports and saw your positive review of JEANNE-AIMÉE and considering replacing Omar Dhiab with that. Sourire looks good as well and is only 5 minutes away walk from where I stay! Also, my mom really wants a traditional French meal, so I may replace L’ Assiette with Grande Brasserie as it looks more traditional. Am not too sure at the moment. I am in Paris from Jan 11-14 leaving on a 3 pm flight to Madrid so probably can’t fit a lunch.

First, the easy response: L’Assiette is very traditional IMO, although perhaps without as extensive a menu as the Grande Brasserie, about which I’ve heard mixed reviews. You can see the dinner menu at L’Assiette here. Of course, there are also additional selections for starters and mains on the blackboard (l’ardoise).

Between Jeanne-Aimée and Omar Dhiab, although I thoroughly enjoyed both, they are very different. J-A is an innovative bistro with a light touch applied to modern French cuisine. OD has a more sophisticated and refined approach to the same. How about replacing Mokonuts with Jeanne-Aimée for lunch on Day 2? I love Mokonuts but the menu is always very limited and plates are constructed quite simply.

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Thank you for your help. I have changed Grande Brasserie for L’Assiete and switched Mokonuts for J-A for lunch. I am excited about my trip soon.

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I would check Pierre Herme at rua Bonaparte.
Patrick Roger for chocolates either at boulevard Saint Germain or Place Saint Sulpice.
I would also pass by for a quick stop at L’ Avant Comptorir Terre or L’Avant Comptoir Mer.
Enjoy Paris!