Paris Hilton Has a Cooking Show Now...

Someone mentioned this Vice piece on another (non-food-related) forum I haunt:

Paris Hilton Has a Cooking Show Now (at least it’s only Youtube), And You Need to Watch it Immediately (parenthetical comment is mine)

“It’s either a brilliant piece of performance art, or a cautionary tale about what can go wrong when you believe in yourself”

For the record, I did not rush to watch this “immediately” (and I still haven’t), since I suspect this article is much more worthwhile than the video itself. But still. I think this means something. What? I don’t really know. Maybe “you know you’re old when you discover after what seems like an eternity that Paris Hilton still exists, and moreover that she is now 38 years old”? or possibly, that “America’s Food Revolution has truly jumped the shark”? or possibly even that "while the Internet was a noble experiment that seemed like an Amazing Idea at the time, we were all wrong - very wrong… :wink: ? Hmm…


I think the article tells it all! It’s sad that people will watch this!

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A few of us on HO commented on this video, after watching, and felt it was hard to even take seriously.
A life of financial ease without significant purpose is hard to imagine let alone tuning in to watch. Train wreck mob mentality even less appealing…so I’m informed and moving on.


Repeating myself:

  • Paris Hilton is the poster child for the benefit of retroactive abortion.
  • Conrad Hilton is spinning in his grave; lets throw a belt on him and make electricity.

It would be interesting to see the nutritional breakdown for this gloop, including the amount of fiber - or keratin - contributed by her blond mane. Ugh, what a farce! It seems that she thinks she knows what she’s doing, which is really rather sad.


There’s no way the video could be as entertaining as the review. It was fabulous.