(Paris) Help with Paris Restaurants

My husband, teenage son and I will be traveling to Paris end of Feb. We are staying near George V meto station.
Would appreciate some help with restaurant recommendations.
-Sunday night; need good casual restaurant after we take early evening boat ride on Seine. The boat leaves from Pont del’Alma. I have had difficulty finding restaurants that are open on Sunday night
-Monday: we have morning tour at the Louvre. Looking for a casual place for lunch. We will be heading to Sainte-Chapelle after lunch.
-Thursday night: we will be arriving at Gare Saint -Lazare around 9:30 ish. Would like to find a casual dinner near there or closer to where we are staying.

So far we have dinner reservations for one night at Pierre Sang. Plan to have dinner another night at Miznon. Friday lunch reservations at Alliance.

Thanks in advance

Sunday night we always do “ethnic”. Cous Cous or in the13th Chinese, Lao or Vietnamese
Mabrouk (Tunisian in the 3rd), Lao Siam in Belleville, Breizh (Btittany, ) Lao Lane Xang 13th.

Brasserie Lazare Paris in the station isnt bad.

Not sure why the draw to Miznon? We love Miznon in my house; my son manages one of their restaurants. But it’s still a global chain, and I’m not sure I’d use one of my precious Paris dinners at one of the Paris locations (actually I am sure I would not). If you want pita sandwiches, maybe head to Rue des Rosiers for a lunch? That would put you on a historical street right in the heart of the Marais.

I like the brasserie Loup near the Louvre for fresh food (I’ve had nice sandwiches, salads, and homemade frites there).

Not sure from your dinner reservations exactly what might appeal. But maybe arriving Paris 9:30, still having to check into your hotel, difficult to find something “casual” at that time of night. Maybe your hotel has a restaurant or could recommend something nearby? Huguette appears to be open till 2 a.m. That would appeal to me, but not sure about you. It’s not right near either the train station or your hotel, but a ten minute cab right from the George V metro (me, I’d want to check in, freshen up then head to dinner; not sure about you).

Grande Brasserie is open on Sunday. Also Amarante (you can find lots written about this restaurant on H.O.). You would need to reserve, but Amarante can be reached via WhatsApp; Grande Brasserie has online reservations. Also Flocon open Sun. nights. Korus with changing tasting menu, young chefs, good food is open Sun. nights.

Please let us know more about what kinds of places appeal?

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Forgot! L’Assiette is also open Saturday night. Quintessential Paris bistro. Don’t miss the crème caramel.

Thank you will check these out.

Appreciate you rrecommendations. I was not aware Miznon was a chain restaurant. Will definitely remove it from my list and replace with a local falafel restaurant. We were last in Paris 5 years ago. Our favorite meals were at L’ours Blanc and a lunch at Ma Salle a Manger (loved the razor clams). Sadly both of these restaurants are listed as permanently and temporarily closed on Google. We are looking for some cosy restuarants with menus that change based on seasonal ingredients with a French focus.

For somewhere somewhat convenient for the Sunday night after the river cruise, I can only think of Les Marches on rue Manutention next to the Palais de Tokyo. Usually very pleasant 10-minute walk (towards the Tour Eiffel) along the Seine (Rive Droite) or, given how horrid February weather can be, a quick hop on the #72 bus to the Palais de Tokyo stop. The trad cuisine and setting of Les Marches are very tourist pleasing but surprisingly often far more Parisans despite its location just across the river the Tour Eiffel tourist epicentre. And the cuisine (unlike a lot of trad restos in the tourist zones) is authentic, fait maison/ made on the premises, and well priced for the quality. http://www.lesmarches-restaurant.com/

If you were hoping for recommendations between the place d’Alma and George V, forget it. For restaurants, this is one of the most challenging areas in Paris. Great if you want to pay 500 to 1000€ each at the Plaza Athénée for Hotel George V but slim pickings if you just want a good casual meal with a good price/ quality ratio. And, almost impossible on weekends.

On Monday between the Louvre and Sainte-Chapelle, I’d be tempted to browse the food stands and restos on the newly re-opened and quite spectacular Samaritaine department store between rues Pont-Neuf and Arbre-Sec. French Terroirs (regional street food) and Dalloyau (patisserie but savoury items at lunch) both having seating. The setting of the main restaurant Voyage on the 5th floor could persuade some to overlook the hit-and-miss menu (odds will be in your favour if you avoid all of the many Asian-inspired dishes). Food is much better (but pricey because it comes with a view) at Tout-Paris restaurant in the ultra-chic Cheval Blanc Hotel that shares the Samaritaine building.

You could also relive your Ma Salle à Manger memories by revisiting the place Dauphine. IMHO not very good restaurants by Paris standards but good enough for a casual lunch. Caveau du Palais seems to have better food (at least that’s what lawyer friends who work in the nearby Palais de Justice tell me) but Rose de France has a cutesy factor that probably appeals to tourists. I should make clear that I have no recent experience of either.

I’d also add wine-bar/ cave à manger Le Garde Robe on rue de l’Arbe-Sec @ rue Bailleul as a Monday lunch candidate. Lots of ambiance, ok grub, amazing value, convenient. Teenager not a problem. http://www.legarderobe.net/

Thursday, Lazare brasserie in the station is a no-brainer. For a train station brasserie, astoundingly good and much better than any other resto in easy walking distance of the Gare St Lazare. http://lazare-paris.fr/
Or, for a place near(ish) métro George V, the delightful Le Mermoz on rue Jean Mermoz (10-min walk), Le Boudoir on rue Colisée, Bistrot Marloe on rue d’Artois and the more upmarket and gastro Origines (choice of tasting menu or à la carte for dinner) on rue Ponthieu

If you’re looking for a French-Tunisian style falafel restaurant in Paris, there’s Mi Va Mi on rue des Rosiers. Plenty of atmosphere and great lemonade.

Have you considered Ambassade d’Auvergne? The warm lentil salad is exceptional.

Another vote for Lazare!