Paris help with kids


I’m coming to Paris at the end of a 2 week trip to Croatia and Slovenia with my 9 & 12 year olds. We’re staying right in Rue Cler. I’m looking for suggestions for a fun restaurant that our kids will enjoy, but also will be exciting to us as well. Last time we were in Paris many years ago, we loved Spring and Frenchie.

Any suggestions for somewhere near Rue Cler or Eiffel? Open to another neighborhood the following night.

Appreciate the help!

Having grown up in this part the 7th, I don’t think it’s much fun for kids. Or, in comparison with many other quartiers, for adults under 60. Making do with one or other of the mediocre tourist cafés/ bistros on rue Cler will suffice in the circumstances… at least they have pleasant terraces for watching all the other tourists while you eat.

If you insist on the sort of food for which Pare is famous, I always enjoy Philippe Excoffier on rue de l’Exposition. And the flaming soufflé for dessert will turn what could be an ordeal for the kids into moments of delight (if you allow the, a small taste of Grand Marnier).

You didn’t indicate when. Many restos are closed on Sat + Sun, or Sun + Mon. And the traditional summer hols at the end of July and all of August severely complicate things: Lots of restos are closed for a week or two (or more) at that time of the year.

We’re happy to go elsewhere for better food. I don’t think my kids will want ultra-traditional / heavier cuisine (nor do I in the dead heat of August.) We’re there mid Aug. on a Wednesday and Thursday.

I’m open to other areas for sure.

It’s too early to know what will in open in mid-August. Check back here at the end of July.
In the meantime, have a look at It’s the bible for parisian foodies. And has a category for kid-friendly but probably heavy with ethnic and Italian. And it tends to favour restos in the hip/ trendy neighbourhoods rather than the tourist zones and “bon bourgeois” quartiers. English language tab at the bottom of the page. When searching, plug in “75000” for Paris and then hit the tab that appears below. For individual arrondissements, “75001”, “75002”, etc.

BTW, Philippe Excoffier recommended above does not do heavy trad but rather “bistronomie”, a much lighter, more creative, and very seasonal version of modern French cuisine.

Weather in August is very changeable and sometimes not very summery or hot.