[Paris/France] Bonjour Chowhounders

I well remember that long thread on eating and sleeping outside of Paris. In fact, I kept some of it, maybe all of it. When did Chowhound succumb? If I knew the year I could look back through my earlier files to try to find it.

March 2022. RIP…

We got back from our Normandy and Brittany trip in June. Although I did post updates in this thread as the trip progressed I had intended to consolidate the info into a single post but life got in the way.

I just uploaded it today (hope this link works)

Unlike most of our other vacations this one wasn’t really food oriented. The food in Brittany and Normandy is wonderful (it’s French food so of course!) and one can get a good meal almost anyplace. So I just mentioned the ones that I thought were special.


Yes still in Sète! Let me know if you’re in the neighborhood! :slight_smile:

Yes, next September, when we will spend 2 weeks in Collioure.
En route, we will spend 2 nights in Pèzenas, and will as usual go to Sète to have a Tielle worship. Let’s meet there or at Les Demoiselles Dupuis in Bouzigues, Yeti !

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Great! :raised_hands: