Paris/France Board?

Hi, just came over from Chowhound. Could you please create a Paris/France board? Will there be enough traffic to sustain it? I don’t know for sure. Bu if you don’t try, you’ll never know. Thanks, Trish


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No longer “untrapped” huh? :wink:

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That’s done. Yeah I don’t know if we have enough traffic to sustain that either. But I talked to @naf and she’s supportive of this. And we actually have quite a few topics around Paris. I put the few France topics here as well as this seems to be the more logical place to put them for now.


@naf @onzieme @pilgrim

Feel free to tag others who are Paris regulars to get their attention on this.

Thanks for the creation of the new board! At last! We have a home! :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi Trish,

Welcome! The board is created. You and your CH friends can continue to post here!

Have a nice stay,

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Many thanks! “A place to call home!”

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TERRIFIC!! Thank you so much for creating the new Paris board. I will spread the word!

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Indeed Steve!

After years of being herded to tourist trips, I found Chowhound and never looked back. Thanks to the CH community, I discovered “deliciousness” as Jim Leff would say, and was happy to share my experiences with others as well. Hence, my CH screen name TrishUntrapped. :wink:


I just joined (moving from CH) where I was a frequent consumer of incredibly valuable info but not a contributor (though I always gave a shoutout to CH in my TripAdvisor TRs). I’m using the same user name here but don’t see any of the familiar names of the CH experts. I wonder if they haven’t joined yet or are using different names.


Hi Eva,

Welcome! Onzieme is here and hopefully Parn will join in. It seems some of the regulars stopped posting since Covid. I hope they will find there way here.

The CH Paris board was an invaluable resource - I’m happy to see some folks coming over and I hope more will join!


some of us are here…

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