Paris- football, photographs and food ?

'Fraid not, mate.

We go to Northern France every couple of years but it’s many years since I’ve been to Paris. Mrs H used to visit for work but, again, she’s not been since she retired so hasnt any suggestions either.

Brilliant, thanks
Do we need to book for lunch at any of these ?
If you had to choose a central bistro where would you opt for ??

Food around where you live near Parc des Princes, 75016:

  • Comice (31, avenue de Versailles)
  • Radioeat (116, avenue du Président Kennedy)
  • Boucherie Hugo Desnoyer (28, rue du Docteur-Blanche) the fame butcher’s only shop-restaurant in Paris
  • Cravan (17 Rue Jean de la Fontaine, 75016) - the café of Franck Audoux (ex Chateaubriand 10e) serves breakfast scrambled eggs, toasted sandwiches, steak until cocktail menu at night
  • Carette (4 Place du Trocadéro et du 11 Novembre) a bit far from your place - café with good pastries

Late eat, maybe Le Cardinal (5 Place de la Porte de Saint-Cloud)

Yes for the fr-jap places and most restaurants, many have sites and online booking now.

Modern bistrots

  • Clamato (80 Rue de Charonne, 75011) - a sister seafood restaurant of Septime HO review
  • Quinso (33 Rue de l’Abbé Grégoire, 75006) - very good bistro, the chef Antonin Bonnet is my fav HO review
  • Eels (27 Rue d’Hauteville, 75010) - signature eel dish is a must! HO review
  • Le Desnoyez ( 3 Rue Denoyez, 75020) - good bargain meal in a low key 20th district neighbour HO review
  • L’Arcane (39 Rue Lamarck, 75018) - very good review from here and CH HO review

For lunch, it’s better you reserve, but if you want some freedom without reservation, try arriving around 13h30 or 13h45 for a late meal, you may be able to get into most places without problem. Dinner is a must.

If you want to avoid the English speaking crowd, avoid early dinners like 19h30. Start arriving from 21h or 21h30, you will probably hear more French than English around you.

Near Jeu de Paume 75008 - one of the best is Le Clarence, a bank breaker. So going to the 2th or the 9th district, you will get better deal food.

  • Accents table Bourse (24 Rue Feydeau,75002) - HO review
  • Or the famous Frenchie or Frenchie wine bar, there is also French to go all on rue du Nil, 75002
  • The Dude (84, rue du Faubourg St Denis, 75009)
  • Buvette (28 Rue Henry Monnier, 75009) - wine bar, cave à manger
  • There is of course Condesa (17 Rue Rodier, 75009)

Lebanese cuisine, you can try Les Passagers de Beyrouth (18 Passage de la Bonne Graine, 75011)

This link may help for the weekend restaurants openings.

Hope the recent “yellow vests” protest won’t spoil your holiday. Avoid Champs Elysee especially on Saturday. Ask your hotel or check news website to see where the protests will be.

Most posters here and on Chowhound are not very happy with Septime these days. As far as steak goes, I do not know how it is served in the UK, but French steak is a different animal from what one gets in the US. American steak is highly marbled and richly flavored. French steak is lean and has a strong meaty flavor, meant to be savored in small bites with lots of chewing.

Generally, like France and other European countries. Cuts would generally be rump, sirloin or fillet with bavette putting in an occasional appearance (and always getting ordered when it does).

I rarely order steak when I visit America as I’m not a fan of the texture or the fairly bland flavour. On our last three week trip - that’s 42 dinners between the two of us - steak was ordered on just three occasions. My notes tell me that these were hangar, fillet and NY Strip - only the first had any notable taste.

I rarely order steak in restaurants, it’s usually something to make when I don’t feel like doing any serious cooking. But we did try it at Le Bis du Sévero and Table d’Hugo Desnoyer. We actually went to Desnoyer twice because some Parisian friends wanted to eat there. The second time I ordered veal.

We had one great steak on our last visit to New York. I bought the meat at a Japanese butcher shop and cooked it at a friend’s house.

Thanks everyone for these posts. i am going to check them out tonight. We are literally in Paris from Wednesday 5pm for 24 hours…

Just one more question before I dive into the reviews…are any of these places going to have a dress code…or will we feel uncomfortable in jeans in any of them ? Would not want to arrive for lunch on Thursday and everyone else be in business suits !!

Thanks again

La Condesa does not allow shorts or open sandals, but that is unlikely to be a problem at this time of the year!

No I don’t think so (Maybe Le Clarence for dinner).

If you want to go to Paris to eat after 23:00, there is Chez Denis (à la Tour de Montlhéry) or Au pied de cochon (6, rue Coquillère) both in the 1st district, les Halles area. I preferred Chez Denis… both serve traditional bistrot / brasserie food.

Hello again

Have spent a couple of hours looking this evening. Thanks again for the time you have put in with recommendations so far.
Sadly Condesa is closed at lunch.
I wonder if Accents will be too business-y for us in jeans ?
Will one of the Frenchie outlets be full of tourists would you say ?
If my friend wants hearty food and bigger portions rather than beautiful images on the plate would you say Frenchie wine bar is a decent choice ?
I really liked the look of eels but then read about the liquorice in the main course - one taste I really do not enjoy !
Finally what is the Dude like in style of food ? i instinctively dislike the name ( as it sounds like showing off ) but am intrigued by its presence on your list so thought I should ask !

It’s fine, it’s lunch not dinner. You will see people wearing shirts, because they are working, the bourse is nearby! If you worry, wear black jeans. Recently had been to a 2 stars place in a hotel with dress code “smart casual”, in the restaurant all the people were causally wearing Stan Smith shoes and jeans, we were “overdressed”.

The Dude - Oh I just realised it is closed permanently and probably relocating.

Frenchie - Yeah, Frenchie is hot with tourists. Honestly, most of the better restaurants will have quite some tourists, you can’t avoid them. I put it there because you mentioned Jeu de Paume.

Didn’t see liquorice in the menu now.

We thoroughly enjoyed Chez Denise a few years ago. You wil need to reserve. As far as Condesa being closed at lunch, well, we had lunch there some two weeks ago. I couldn’t reserve online, so I telephoned. On one occasion I was told that they were closed at lunch. A few days later they took my lunch reservation.

We like it quite a lot, traditional and large portions. I should return some day.


Just call to make sure. There are always some cancelations.

Typically my mate now says he has been recommended Au vieux comptoir and Vaudeville by the Bourse
I am nervous to ask…but any views ? :nerd_face: