Paris Dreams

It increasingly occurs to me that we are being asked and respond to questions that don’t address a basic question. What are one’s Paris expectations and hopes?

My husband frequently states that “We all have our own Paris.” In experience and in imagination.

Having spent many days, weeks, months in Paris, and explored restaurants from dumps to 3*, I can attest that each has its merits and demerits. As we each try to recommend a room that will please a query, we bring to that rec OUR preferences and OUR take on a particular meal. And as I Google recommendations I read here, I recoil at pics and descriptions at every level because they show me food and ambiance I don’t enjoy.

Point being, regardless of the provenance of the guru, or overwhelming positive reviews, it is mandatory for you to research, Google and look at menus, rooms, the rhetoric of the promo to see if this place is a fit for you.

But always remember, as said by wiser men, it’s only dinner.


My family seems to think France and Paris are not just about restaurants and food!



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I initially missed the “not” in your post! :wink:

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Shrinkrap, well, there are things to see in those gaps between meals. I often think in terms of, “Oh, you want to go to the Louvre? What’s near there? Ah, Le Fumoir!”

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