Paris - Dinner near Madeline Sunday night

Looking for some place open relatively late to catch a dinner post-concert at Madeline around 10 pm on a Sunday night. Not fancy but with good quality food.

How late are you thinking?

10 pm

Café Compagnon in the 4th.

Nothing in walking distance of La Madeleine on Sunday… not a great area for restaurants on any day. Because I don’t like to be rushed (a risk at any restaurant that closes at 11pm like Cafe Campagnon in the 2nd, not 4th), I’d take a taxi to a late-night resto like Chez Denise (closes at 12:30am) or even Au Pied de Cochon (closes at 5am). Both in Les Halles.

I wouldn’t choose Au Pied de Cochon at normal meal times but enjoy it for late meal even if I usually only order a platter of excellent oysters or fruit de mer… other items on the very trad menu can be hit-and-miss but the later it is the better they seem to taste.

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Thanks for correcting me on Café Compagnon, Parn. I guess because I walk through the 3rd to get there, I think of it as the 4th (where I never go to eat), but of course it is the 2nd.