[Paris] Daroco - trattoria

Just came back home from a lovely Sunday dinner.

A splendid dining hall of several floors high , a new trattoria is renovated from an ex Jean Paul Gautier boutique gives a promising first impression.

To start with, I had a spritz twisté (cocktail with Prosecco, kiwi sirup, lime…) refreshing! For the antipasto, I have a spade fish sword fish carpaccio with a sauce with raspberry, zucchini and aneth. Partner has a grilled octopus, with melon, ricotta and marjolaine. Both good, I like mine with a creative twist.

As for pizzas, partner has Scherzo (tomato sauce/buffalo mozzarella/anchois/n’duja/olives/basil) and me Fiamma (tomato sauce/fior di latte/pecorino pepato/spianiata/n’duja). Both were excellent, the dough was just right with a good balance of ingredients. It’s simple yet sophisticated. Food that you can eat everyday. We were so full that we couldn’t take the dessert, I saw the tiramisu from the neighbour table, quite lovely.

Go, especially if you like Italian food. It’s a bit expensive but with the top ingredients and everything homemade, it worths it. My partner who is half Italian, usually very difficult with pizza, approves. I also like the causal and relaxing atmosphere.

6 Rue Vivienne
75002 Paris
Reservation: +33(0)1 42 21 93 71


What’s “spade fish”? Swordfish (pesce spada)?

Exactly that’s the word. Swordfish, in French it’s espadon.

I don’t know what happened to my English these days.
I just added some photos. Enjoy.

Unfortunately I don’t know French, but I do know Italian. And we go to Paris once a year! C’est la vie.

Here is the menu if you are interested, half in French and half Italian. :grin:

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I think I would say, “half in French, 8 per cent in Italian.” There are a few misspellings. But we still will probably not visit the restaurant. When we are in Paris, we prefer to eat things that aren’t available or aren’t good in Switzerland.

Agreed with you. The best is to eat local when travelling. I bet you are in the Italian part of Switzerland.

No, in Zurich. Restaurants here are expensive and mostly not very good. The Italian restaurants are often the best.