Paris Cider, cookbooks and other weird hobbies

I’m a hobbyist cider/poire maker :slight_smile: I marked the two branches of La Cidrerie but not sure if they are cider bars to drink there or have possiblity to purchase bottles, as i’m looking for, i guess they do have that… So would be glad to get info on shops or supermarkets that might offer an unusal selection of Ciders, not just the traditional makers, but also more modern small scale French and orher euro cideries…
And weak spot for cookbooks, especially the big ones by chefs, apart from librairie gourmande, are there more places to check that might have a surpring inventory ?
And sorry for bringing a non food related hobby, my wife is an avid puzzles collector so if by chance someone here shares this same weird love and knows about interesting small shops in the city for that, would be great to know, Thanks !

If you’re into ciders, your best choice is Breizh Café (particularly the more spacious Odéon location) which has been specializing in ciders for years. They even opened a cider bar in Tokyo, and they have one in Saint-Malo with 60 references of ciders and poirés on their list. The list in Paris does not have such a wide choice, I’d say twenty to thirty, but it’s worth browsing.
They particularly have the ciders and poirés from Eric Bordelet, but since you know the subject matter, you must already have tried those.

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Thanks, not sure we will eat there this time, but if so i for sure will pay closer attention to the cider list there. I’m surprised to know that they opened a cider bar at Tokyo :slight_smile:

Most book stores have a cookbook section, but unlike Libririe Gourmande that is totally dedicated to cookbooks. Try Fnac in Paris, Mollat in Bordeaux. Also, look out for the sales section or second hand bookstores (eg Gilbert Joseph), sometimes they have some interesting finds, and some discount chef coffee cookbooks.

I second that Breizh Cafe is a good source, especially their grocery store in 75003 has a large collection of cider from small producers, you can ask for more information from the shop keeper and the style you prefer. Or if you want to go to the cider bar (la Cave de BC) in rue Montorgueil in the 2nd arrondissement.


Thanks for the information, will check about those places.

I only know newish La Cidrerie Batignolles (open evenings only). The choices of cidres and poires were overwhelming… 80 or so and tasting “flights” offered. And for a cider- and poire-maker like oferl, maybe the best bet because the team there will talk your head off. The website tells me that they are also planning to open an “atelier”/ workshop in the premises… don’t quite know what that will be but assume it will involve the cider-making process.

I’m a big fan of Les Batignolles neighbourhood and, even if off the tourist trail, the safari will be worth it. Hint: dinner at Coretta.


Just 80 ? Boring :slight_smile: I’m sure we will have a blast there, especially after a couple of flights tastings… Thank you so much ! And Coretta… The list of places to check will be endless eventually but need to eat something before…

La Cidrerie also offers very good platters of ham and cheese, and a few other nibbles.

The friend that introduced me to La Cidrerie Batignolles just told me that the original location on quai Valmy in the Canal St Martin area is very similar but a little more crowded.

Thanks for that additional information. Since the original location is closer to where we’ll be staying, I looked around for reviews and found this:
Several years old but pretty informative.

As for your wife’s hobbies, I’m stumbling over the word “puzzle”. In French “un puzzle” usually refers to a jigsaw puzzle. For brain teaser type puzzles that need dexterity and thought to be unravelled, it’s “casse-tête”. So, I’m not sure if she’s into elaborate jigsaw puzzles of a Monet painting or Rubik’s cube type of contraptions to figure out. But whichever, Boutique Variantes on rue Saint-André-des-Arts in the upper 6th is probably worth a visit. Lots of variants of the Rubik’s cube type games, some very frustrating boxes that need a lot of ingenuity and patience to open, lots of strange jigsaw puzzles, etc. I also have a very close friend who is addicted to “casse-têtes” and so I also happen to know that the Rouge et Noir shop on rue Vavin in the lower 6th is excellent. (Adding a food dimension) We then usually go to the terrace of La Rotonde or Le Select on boulevard Montparnasse for a snack/ coffee and to try them out for the first time. Or just get an ice cream and a drink at Girotti on boulevard Raspail @ rue Stanislas and chat about his very complicated love life.

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Jigsaw puzzles :slight_smile: The ones with thousands of tiny pieces that some usually get lost… THANK YOU !!

Then in addition to the two shops I named, Puzzle Michèle Wilson on rue Folie-Méricourt in the 11th. Both cardboard and some very unique-- and expensive-- wooden jigsaws puzzles.

For the required HungOn food angle, breakfast/ brunch/ lunch at Café Méricourt or, if Tue or Fri morning, the outdoor market Marché Popincourt on boulevard Richard Lenoir between rues Oberkampf and J-P Timbaud. In fact, I discovered this delightful puzzle shop on my way from Café Méricourt to the Marché Popincourt

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