Paris (and London, Amsterdam, Bruges, and Brussels ) in September

I see a theme developing.

Was the chocolate shop Debauve & Gallais ?

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Maybe :thinking:… What is the theme?


I don’t remember the name, but here is a picture. Perhaps we were in the Latin Quarter by then.

Yes; that’s the place! I remember this part.

We were in Versailles this morning and wanted to use a bathroom with no line. Our guide told us to point at things, hold our heads up, and look at things with disdain! :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

ETA To his credit, he didn’t use the word disdain, but something similar.


La Rotonde ( St. Honore) for lunch. I see Rotonde Montparnasse gets several mentions on HO. I think we went there in 2016.

We had limited options at 1:30, after Versailles, and this was pleasant surprise!

Oops! Started eating before pictures!.
Husband had roast beef sandwich with roasted potatoes.

Daughter had penne with tomato sauce and burrata

I had a zucchini and ricotta quiche with a salad with lentils

A market on the way back!


Such great pics! Thank you for sharing. I love the ceiling of the restaurant in the first set of photos you shared. I’m getting hungry looking at your pictures.


I second @kobuta! Really excellent tour of your trip! I don’t know how you kept up with all of that as you traveled. I’m in awe!

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Merci and Bon jour! After a brief recovery from an emergency evacuation of De Gaulle airport, we are heading back to California. Wish me bon voyage!


Oops! As we proceeded I was trying to clarify tipping vs service. This often escaped us, but i don’t think anyones feelings were hurt.


So, now that you are back, what memories of your trip shine the brightest? Which are already a faint blur? Not just Paris and not just the food but everything.


Thank you for asking! Seriously.

I need to think about this more, but every time someone asked where we were from, we said California, New York, and Turkey, and acknowledged this was our chance for our family to be together. That was the best part.


What the hell happened?!

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(post deleted by author)

I don’t know. Lots of loud alarms, a variety of words, and quews. I think someone went somewhere without permission


Congratulations on your family trip. DH & I had a nightmare experience at CDG and I will forever avoid that airport as long as I live.

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Same thing happened to us at CDG several years ago. We asked the rent-a-car person about it. They said it was a regular occurrence and usually the result of the authorities finding an abandoned piece of luggage somewhere in the terminal.

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