[Paris 9e] NESO, worth visiting?

Anybody visited this restaurant (3 Rue Papillon, 75009 ) by Guillaume Sanchez? Not to be confused by the NESO 2, a streetfood and cocktail bar. Saw the chef cooking sometimes on TV, creative and experimental dishes. Menu starting from 135€ (which is my hesitation). Thanks. He has also publshed a few books, including one called Post-Cuisine.

The chef was an ex-Top Chef contestant and always gets good press. But, gulp, 135€ ?! I was thinking of going pre-Michelin star when it was only 55€ but never got around to it. There are so many of ex-Top Chef restos i.e. Chocho that cost far less and maybe worth a try.

And the second menu at 180€. The restaurant has one star.

I’ve been to his former restaurant on the Butte Montmartre and haven’t been willing to go to any other of his places since then. Once was enough. It was years ago and my mind is still trying to process the contents of some of his plates. The guy thinks very highly of himself and there was a time when I could find that sort of thing cute, but not anymore.


Is on my go-to list.

Hi ptitpois!!! So glad to see you here!!

I don’t know if it’s this rock star effect with Top Chef. But with this budget, there are choices. Let’s see in the long run, if Sanchez is still relevant, as more and more chef are doing experiments like him.

I like last year’s Top Chef programme, it was fresh due to the covid and there were more talented chef participation with new ideas. It’s great to push creativity, but I’ve some problems with this years’ competition, too gimmick, in general. First there were too many desserts as themes, but many themes this year were desserts using normally savoury ingredients, like seafood, even meat. Vegetables in dessert was already too common. I don’t know if I want to eat these in a restaurant, for example.

I never watched Top Chef so I can’t bring anything to the debate here. Many young chefs do Top Chef and they don’t necessarily come out of it with a head like a pumpkin. The rock star persona when it comes to chefs is a risky one. When you try to prove your relevance through ‘creativity’ you’d better be truly creative. This is not so common as it sounds. Many of these chefs forget that a particularly beautiful execution of a classic is in itself one of the highest forms of creativity.


Interesting name for a restaurant. The chef (assuming he is the owner) should have vetted the name with someone familiar with Spanish.

Let’s hope it’s off-putting enough to keep the hordes from over-running it.