[Paris 9e] Les Trois Royaumes

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A recommendation of @Google_Gourmet

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Zhuge Kaoyu in Paris? Tried searching, yields no result.

OK searched in Chinese 諸葛烤魚, they changed name in French, called
Les Trois Royaumes, 42 Rue Richer, 75009 Paris.

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Yep, that’s it!! Didn’t really go to France to eat Chinese food but wanted to treat our friends to something out of their normal. They loved it, as well as the sushi joint two nights later.

Thanks for the recommendation, looks good on your picts.

I’m no expert at that style of Chinese cuisine. It seemed like most of the other customers were natives to the type. Very good endorsement, I’d say.

Read some recent comments, looks like food are not as good as before.
I don’t know, the Chinese on this site, they are very harshed with the comments.