[Paris 9] Has anybody tried Pétrelle?

Any try this place recently? Read about it on Le Fooding and it seems interesting and may consider it for my next trip. Thanks in advance

Yes, it’s a keeper. Usually the romantic ambiance and setting qualifies it as a good date restaurant but this time of the year there will also be a lot of groups, especially for lunch, getting a freebie from the boss for the holidays.


Thank you for your input. I was also considering Fulgurances because the current chef is Kevin Finch who is the former CDC from Atelier Crenn. So many options in Paris.

Maybe TOO many options. As long as you stay away from the identikit cutesy trad bistros in the tourist zones, you will eat well. And even some of these are “pas mal”/ not bad. There are no unmissables but lots of very good to excellent restos. Whatever restaurant you choose, there will be up to a dozen alternatives that are as good or better.

Because I like a before and after, location/ neighbourhood is often the deciding factor for me. And for you visitors… yes, some hook like the Kevin Finch connection or a place that catches your fancy in LeFooding is just as good a way of deciding.