[Paris 2eme] Restaurant Pantagruel - a delightful discovery

Pantagruel at rue du sentier, in Bourse district in the 2nd, opened its door about 2 months ago. We had our dinner a week ago. I’ve to admit that I’m undergoing a pâté en croûte and pie period, saw the dish on the menu on their website, wanted to try it out. The last foie gras cabbage pithiviers we had at Maison by Sota Atsumi was good.

We have a choice of à la carte or a 8-course carte blanche. I forgot to asked them if it was possible to order both at the same table, this could be interesting for a bigger group who wanted choices and tasting menu at the same time. For us we both went with the 68 € menu.

The meal started with a bouchee: Smoked herring with leek, very good

Sour cream millfeuille

Oyster with shiitake mushrooms

Frog thighs, garlic gribiche sauce, with nutty butter and breadcrumbs

Fennel cooked in a brioche potato mousse and trout eggs - excellent

Meagre, langoustine and watercress
Meagre lightly grilled with langoustine and the juice of langoustine shells with watercress

The raw fish version with salad vegetables

Meat dish was the colvert duck and foie gras pithiviers with red cabbage condiment with several preparations including pickles.

Ice cream with pear

Apple with caramel and Cointreau cream, riz au lait and tarragon ice-cream

Financial biscuit to end this lovely meal.

Mister had a glass from Terre d’Eole, a red that had a strong character.

I had a white muscadet Sevre et Maine sur Lie 2018 with the fish dishes and a red bourgogne cote d’or domaine Huguenot 2016 with the duck.

We were impressed by the work on each dish. Each course was cooked perfectly and presented beautifully. The duck dish didn’t disappointed. Staff was friendly and professional. We were given the choice of seats, and obviously we chose the kitchen view. There were 5 persons working in the kitchen, they didn’t look stressed and worked in a rather relax rhythm.

If we would like to criticise, the meal took us a bit more than 3 hours, the rhyme was fine in the beginning, but slow down considerably when more clients arrived. We had a very good time despite we get quite used to tasting menu style of restaurant. As with Condesa or l’Arcane, you feel the energy and the ambition in this place. Chef Jason Gouzy and his team did an excellent job. So I would advice to go as quickly as you can, 68€ menu is a steal and is still a best kept secret (for the time being).

Chef Jason Gouzy

The gentleman facing us at the back, chef Gouzy (front) explained was the master of duck pie.


John Talbott has had good things to say about this place, and now you have liked it, too. I plan to go!

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Really enjoyed the photos @naf, thanks for sharing!

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Thanks! I relived the adventure once again in writing this.

I hope you will like this place, with much seafood. Not sure the price will be the same next year, reserve early!

Looks like pithiviers is back in fashion now. I just read a review on Alleno’s new restaurant Pavyllon, there is wild hare pithiviers with foie gras.

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Thanks to naf’s review at the time, I brought my gf here for her birthday dinner. It’s also since has a Michelin star and has gone up in price to 85 euros at the time, 90 euros soon.

Lovely place, it is now a 6 course menu but each course has 3 little dishes to eat from. You can see more here : [Paris] Early May affordable recommendations - #43 by Noosh


And, thanks to Noosh’s write up of Pantagruel on his trip thread (linked above), I found this thread, which I hadn’t noticed before. Now I have 2 food photographers whom I greatly admire. Thank you naf.


Thanks for reporting back. Very glad that you enjoyed your meal. From your description, the courses with 3 dishes are more complicated than my meal back then. It is a more common practice in 2 or 3 stars restaurants. So to see the meal under 100€ is still a very attractive deal. Good to know the service improve.

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I was here Tuesday night. It is absolutely excellent.