[Paris 2e] Dalmata - Neapolitan pizza

It was closed for summer holiday last time we visited. Tried again last week, arrived around 20:00 on a Sunday night, a short line inside the place. The queuing system was a big confused, eating in and take away was of the same line. Everybody bought a ticket and waited for your pizzas.

My first choice Crazy Mamma with candied peppers wasn’t available that night. My second choice was Cruella Devil - San Marzano tomatoes, mozzarella for di latte, hot salami. 13€

Mr. n got a Napulè 100% - San Marzano tomatoes, capers, olives, fior di latte et Cetara anchovies. 14€

Mr. n’s beer Baladin Superbitter was interesting, I prefered my Baladin Nationale Blonde IPA, both at 7€

Dalmata are selling Neapolitan pizzas. The style of the dough here was quite airy with the oven. Ingredients were good and simple.

There were not a lot of seatings. I have heard that sometimes the waiting lines can be quite long, so be patient.

8 rue Tiquetonne
75002 Paris


I’m curious about the English in the menu. Why do they say “Starters” and “Drinks”? “The Queen” and “Crunchy”? I think I’ve noticed this kind of thing in other French restaurants as well.

In France, using English is considered as trendy, cool, especially when advertising agencies are lazy is running out of ideas, they just use English words. If you look at the menu, you can only see random English, not that the whole menu is in English. I guess the target are the 20-30s hipsters?!

Starters is “entrée”, and drinks is “boisson” in French. Note they use also Italian as titles as well, “prodotti” and “dolce”.

Sometimes, they invent words or usage. Like a popular food guide book called “Fooding”. Words with “-ing” sound English. Examples of English words integrated in the French language: footing (jogging), parking (car park), pressing (laundry)…