[Paris - 20th district] Bistrot - Le Baratin

We came back from our 1 month long Asian trip, so obvious with an empty fridge at home and a warm Friday in September, we opted to eat out. Last minute call to several bistrots were all full. We tried Le Baratin and we got lucky.

We have been to the place several years ago, this is our second visit. Situated in the 20th district, near the northern China town. It’s in a popular district quite animated for a Friday night. I know that @mariacarmen will be dining in a few days’ time, so I won’t post the photo of the menu. (or post later), I rather leave her some suspense…

My entrée is a mackerel tartare and radish served with a smoked vinegar. Mr Naf has a slightly crispy pig feet terrine with a ravigote sauce sided with a salad. Both good, I like the tartare with a “marinated” salt, as for the fish, since we had many fantastic sushi in Hong Kong, I can see the difference the slicing of the fish make the dish really a difference.

Main, I have a sweet bread (veal) with a light lemon sauce, I always order this dish, at home I find it difficult to clean the riz de veau without breakup the whole thing. Here it is braised entirely in 1 piece, very beautifully cooked. Mister has a roasted Pyrénées milk lamb shoulder with the Ratte potatoes and carotte cooked with cumin. Both dishes the seasoning is very light, and let the prime ingredients shine. For me it’s a bit under seasoned, I sparkled some salt and it tasted right.

As for the dessert, I have a Tiramisu, and Hubby has the salad of peach and raspberries. They are both okay but nothing too special. Compared to the course before, desserts are not their strong point.

I had a glass of white wine Chablis A&O de Moor, Hubby had a glass Mâcon rouge from J. Guillot. He liked his quite wine. Both are mineral wine.

If you are looking forward for a strong chef signature or comfortable and spacious restaurant, it’s not the place for you. It’s honest and simple traditional cooking with good and fresh ingredient in a tiny space. I can’t say the service is very efficient, the waitress made a mistake with our order of drink, and didn’t come to ask us what wine we would like to drink. We had to wait a long time for our menu. But other than that, it’s okay, we overheard the waitress tried her best to translate the whole menu to the tourist next to our table.

117€ for 2 x 3 courses meal and 2 glasses of wine.

Le Baratin
3 Rue Jouye-Rouve
75020 Paris
Reservation: +33(0)1 43 49 39 70


it sounds great, naf! thank you for tagging it for my attention.

We’ve eaten at Le Baratin at least 3 times on various trips to Paris. I highly recommend it. We haven’t been for the last couple of years, but that is just because there are so many places we want to try. The first time we went, we brought Parisian friends of ours who didn’t know the place. Since then it has become one of their favorites.

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naf, I totally respect your observations but need to add that our meals are all singular events, never the same plates or staff for any of us onions. FWIW, we have never experienced inept service at LB. Simple, yes, but totally professional. I don’t know who is in charge of wine service now, but Pierre was always on point i terms of pairing wine with the food and our taste.

It was a younger girl not too experienced. It was not bad service, but more inexperience. Pierre (the older guy you are talking about) is around but in charge of other tables.