[Paris 20e] Le Desnoyez

Le Desnoyez is located in the heart of the Belleville Chinatown in the 20th district, a rather laid back street with a lot of graffiti art. The 2 high school mates from Pau become associates had quite different lives before opening this restaurant in 2016. Jean-Marc Sinceux was avocat and passionate in cooking and Jean-Marc Bouzou was director of photography in film.

I called around noon on Sunday for a reservation of 13:30 lunch. Apparently, it seems we are the only ones who reserved. The others seem to be regulars and live in the neighbourhood and just pop up in the restaurant. One customer even help to clear the plates and glasses. The other couple come with their dog and sit outdoors. You can see cook books lining around the window sills at the far end of the tiny room of around 20 places, some vinyls.

The menu is hand written and changes everyday.

Œuf mayonnaise, poutargue, herbes 6 € - Egg mayonnaise, bottarga and herbs
Excellent dish, the bottarga, cured fish roe was delicious, very good with the lightness of mayonnaise and egg white and the precise temperature of the yolk.

Tête de cochon grillé, fenouil 9 € - grilled pork head cheese with fennel
Crispy and melting meat, a delight. Mr. n was happy with his entrée, I tasted it, it was good, but I think my egg was better.

Gigot d’agneau, servi froid, pesto, écrasé de pomme de terre 20 €- Lamb leg served cold with pesto and crushed potato - The lamb was alright, with tasty pesto.

Ris de veau, câpres, citron, crème de carotte 26 € - Sweetbread with capers, carrot cream with lemon. Very good dish, sweetbread was crispy outside.

Glace au chocolat, tuilé aux amandes, chantilly 9 €- chocolate ice-cream with almond biscuits and whipped cream. Well they didn’t succeed in making the chantilly, they served me with a cream. A simple dessert, maybe a bit disappointed because I was expecting the whipped cream.

Note that the mains were quite big, you can really slip the dessert and most people did. We had the French craft beer. 5€

The day of our visit, we didn’t see Sinceux cooking, but his females sous-chefs. Bouzou, was in charge of the service. Our bill was 80€, including 2 beers and only 1 dessert.

It is a bit of hole in the wall feeling place, service was friendly, the room was tiny with some bar seats. If you like this type of causal style, it’s your place. Note that this place is opened on Sunday and Monday and closed on Tuesday. The weekday lunch is a good deal as some entries start from 4 €.

Le Desnoyez
3 Rue Denoyez
75020 Paris
Reservation: +33 (0)6 61 19 18 31
website: https://www.facebook.com/Le-Desnoyez-1031858706935469/


So, this place has nothing to do with Hugo Desnoyer? And aren’t they also closed on Wednesday?

No, le Desnoyer has nothing to do with Hugo Desnoyer, the butcher and restaurant in the 14th district and LD is closed on Tuesday, not Wednesday.

If you want to know a bit of the cooking of the chef of Le Desnoyez, here is the blog he was writing from 2011 - 16 before Jean-Marc Sinceux started the restaurant.

http://lasolitudeduchorizo.blogspot.com (in French)

Well, I read the article you mentioned, but since I don’t really know French, I probably got 70-80% of it. But in the picture at the top, it says that the place is open from Thursday to Monday (that much French I know). Although the phone number on the sign does not seem to be the current phone number, so maybe the sign isn’t current.

The card was from 2016. For the update information, you can find that on their Facebook page (I just added that on the first post). They don’t have a website. I asked them last week via FB, they confirmed that they closed on Tuesday, and they will be opened for 1 more week before closing for summer vacation starting from 6 August.

Well, we won’t be there before November, so I guess we still have a chance.

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