[Paris 1er] Sanukiya - do you want a hot or a cold udon?

Specialised in udon, Sanukiya not only offers the more common hot udon, it proposes in addition, bukkake, in which you pour the sauce on the udon and zaru, which the noodles are serve on the bamboo and you dip them in a cold sauce. The restaurant name Sanukiya is a tribute the chef Okawa pays to Shikoku, “Sanuki” in the olden days, the best place to savour udon in Japan.

The restaurant is located in Paris 1, a few streets away from the good old Japanese town, rue Saint-Anne. Not only the restaurant serves authentic udon, but it has on its menu, different form of rice dish, Ten-don, Katsu-don, Karaage-don…, Tamagoyaki (Japanese omelette), fried chicken…

We arrived at around 15:40 at the restaurant, it was a Saturday with yellow vest demonstration, some roads were block for cars, we parked our vehicle and walked to the restaurant, with background noise of a demonstration crowd yelling, singing and banging on the next street. I was surprise at this hour there were still a line of 5 - 6 people. we waited about 10 - 15 minutes, and were given the choice of a heated outdoor veranda or indoors, we chose to be seated interior, thinking it would be warmer. Maybe not a wise choice as we had bags and coats. Note that most places indoor were stools and quite crowded, exterior seating were more spacious and comfortable.

Kakuni - braised pork belly 8 €
Companion’s order, I have a small bite, quite tasty and tender.

Bukkake kaketen - Udon with 2 tempura shrimps and also a few vegetables. I asked for a supplement of an half cooked egg and wakame (seaweed) 23 €
The shrimps were delicious. Udon was correct.

Bukkake bukkamo - caramelised duck breast and egg udon 17 €

The menu has at least 50 choice of udon.

Meal was 56 € for 2, including 2 pression of Kirin 4€ each. Another meal soon? Definitely, especially days you want comfort food. I would like to try the hot soup udon and some of the rice looked tempting.

9, rue d’Argenteuil
75001 Paris
Open everyday from 11:30 - 22:00
Tel: +33 1 42 60 52 61 (no reservation)


Wonderful report. Great photos.

Thanks. Any time visiting Paris soon?

Looks like something to keep in mind.

Like them, for their flexible hours too.

No. Unfortunately.

Great you enjoy reading, that’s half travelling already.

Udon, you can find it probably near your home in an Asian shop, or you can prepare that at home if you can get hold of the fat noodles. I think the fattest among all the Asian noodles.