[Paris 1er] Izakaya Yasube

Yasube is situated in the centre of the Japanese town at rue Saint-Anne not far from Opera and le Louvre. The Izakaya is known for its skewered chicken. We had our dinner a week ago on a Friday night.

It was an early dinner, both of us were not very hungry.

Hatsu and suehiro- chicken hearts and tail (or ass?) yakitori. The tail was the very tender.
I wanted to order cartilages skewers, but they didn’t have it that night.

Kamo-negi - duck and leek yakitori.

Kaki Fry - deep fried oyster

Grilled eel

Grilled Sanma with salt- Pacific Saury, a small fish common on Japanese menu


And of course with beer and sake.

Cheese skewers

We didn’t try the sashimi. Food were quite good, we felt Issé we tried a week before was better, but they were not the same price range. Be warned that the restaurant was quite smokey. Their set lunch with bento looked interesting.

9 Rue Sainte-Anne
75001 Paris


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