[Paris 1er] Autour de Yangtse Saint Honoré

Autour de Yantse is a Chinese restaurant situated in the first district rue Saint-Honoré, not far from le Louvre. It is the second restaurant after the initial success of the original 9th district restaurant near Opera. The restaurant serves dishes mainly Shanghainese and the nearby Zhejiang region, but we can find dishes from Sichuan as well as some Cantonese cooking like dim sum and cantonese roasted meat. Their menu features some highlight including Dongpo pork and Nanjian 8 treasures duck (need to reserve a day before).

Xiao Long Bao - signature dish
It was fine.

Sichuan fried string bean with pork and chili

Fried pork intestine with green and red pepper

Cantonese roasted duck

We ordered after seeing this sign…

We also ordered fried noodle (I forgot the photo).

The dishes were correct and tasty, on the whole better than the average Chinese restaurants in Paris except the duck, which was dry and uninteresting. Talking to the Cantonese server, we understood the chef was from the Zhejiang region, she wasn’t surprise that the Cantonese dish wasn’t as good as it wasn’t his speciality.

The place was confortable and clean. We reserved our table on the fork website, but there were empty tables at dinner time for a Saturday night, no idea if it was related with the ongoing Yellow vest strike. The waitress told us the night before was very busy. We will probably be back for more of the house specialities. Avoid Cantonese food.

You can see the menu online.