[Paris 18e] Say it isn't so -- Ken Kawasaki closing?

Coming back from an excellent lunch at a.léa today in the 18th we walked by Ken Kawasaki and noticed that it was open and they were serving. This caused me to look the restaurant up, as they normally weren’t open on Sunday. Google says it’s permanently closed; Kawasaki’s website indicates that they’re still taking reservations for tonight, but then lists no other possible dates for reservation.

If indeed it is closing, this is a very serious loss. Since the opening in September 2015, I’ve frequently returned and never had less than a superb meal there, and indeed, last year our best meal was hands down at Ken Kawasaki, notwithstanding very stiff competition.


Indeed closed, just called. Another restaurant replaces already. I asked the whereabouts of Ken Kawasaki, they couldn’t provide more information.


Talking about closing, l’Escudella (41 av de Ségur) near Invalides, Paris 7, will close on 1 April. Last visit for anybody who want to say goodbye to the 7 year old team Jérôme, Paul-Arthur and Aurélien.

Oh no. Been also going almost every new menu when in Paris since opening as well. This is truly a blow.
Go to Yam’tcha as often but a much bigger budget buster. l arrive in 10 days but something wonderful will be missing, merde

Table d’Eugène disappeared last year, too. Sigh!

Oh no! Really like the chef!

Also devastated. It was one of our faves. I found this on Ken Kawasaki’s Instagram page:

“Chères clientes, chers clients, chers producteurs et fournisseurs,

C’est avec regret que je vous fais part de la fermeture du restaurant Ken Kawasaki et de la fin de l’aventure culinaire que j’ai vécue et partagée avec vous à Paris 18e depuis 2016.

Cela a été une décision difficile. Après maintes réflexions et discussions avec mon père, nous n’avons pas eu d’autre choix que de fermer.

Grace à votre fidélité et soutien tout au long de ces 5 dernières années, j’ai vécu une aventure et expérience exceptionnelle. J’ai eu la chance de travailler avec une superbe équipe et de rencontrer les meilleurs clients qui soient (pour la plupart), à la fois chaleureux et exigeants, ce qui m’a poussé à aller de l’avant et à renouveler chaque mois mes menus, explorant ainsi de nouvelles recettes et saveurs.

J’aime et j’aimerai toujours Paris. Et l’avenir n’est pas fermé : j’ai l’intention de revenir et d’ouvrir un nouveau restaurant soit à la mer ou à la campagne d’ici quelques années.

Merci encore pour votre soutien et fidélité ; c’est grâce à vous que j’ai pu évoluer et arriver où j’en suis aujourd’hui.

A très bientôt.

Ryohei Kawasaki”

Thanks. Paris no more.

And yet, just another reason (as if we needed more!) to visit the coast or deep countryside within the next couple years ….

Trivia time. The replacing restaurant is an apparently trad joint called Le Micocoule. Larousse (I had to look it up) tells me that it is a feminine noun (so should be La, not Le… tsk tsk) and means the fruit of the hackberry tree aka nettle tree in English and belongs to the hemp/ cannabaceae family. Hmmm.

I’m tempted to try it.

And re Ken Kawasaki. There are about 100 other restaurants as good or better in Paris to soften your sense of loss.

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Not sure why, but “Gastronomiac” has it as “le” as well:

Micocoule : Le micocoule est le fruit du micocoulier de Provence ou micocoulier du Midi (famille des Cannabacées - Nom botanique….”

Might be a fun night out, although you probably will have to resist eating too many desserts.

Gastronomiac is published in Genève and the French Swiss are not to be trusted when it comes to the French language. :innocent:

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