[Paris 18e] Pizzeria Il Brigante

We went to Il Brigante twice, first time, the waitress told someone before us the waiting time would be an hour, we left instantly. The second time, we showed up again without reservation, this time, the waitress led us to a long corridor shape room.


Down by the River - Tomato, Fior di Latte, buffalo ricotta, bell peppers, artichoke, 'nuduja, anchovy and guanciale - 18€

Husband had La Salina (forgot to photograph)- Fiore di latte, raped broccoli, buffalo ricotta, anchovies and marinata - 15€

The oven was just behind the head of the chef. Standard bread oven.

The dough was thin and crispy, if you like this southern Calabrian style, we were both fans of thicker raised dough. In general, the pizza were fine, more on the expensive side, especially for drinks. A good mix of locals and tourists. Service in general was a bit slow. Try to reserve before going, restaurant was small.

Il Brigante
14 Rue du Ruisseau,
75018 Paris

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