Paris 16ème - Passy

Just back from a flying visit to the “village” of Passy, rarely mentioned in visitor’s posts, and here are some ideas in case you find yourself lost in this upmarket West part of Paris: My favorite Japanese in Paris: KURA on the rue de Boulainvilliers My favorite restaurant for traditional food and especially their Ris de Veau: LA CAUSERIE rue Vital My favorite restaurant for - guess what: HUITRES ET SAUMONS DE PASSY rue de l’Annonciation . And don’t miss, of course, the Marché de Passy on the Place de Passy and if you are a dedicated foodie, a visit to the “Grande Epicerie” rue de Passy!


Great recommendations. Many thanks for exposing the excellence that Passy, especially the “village”, can offer.

And yes, it’s a mystery why so few tourists get to Passy. Can anyone explain why ?

It’s a long way out of the central tourist district, mostly residential, and the Marmiton is a fairly long hike from the nearest Metro.

I assume you are thinking off the Marmottan museum, which is only 500 metres from the metro station of La Muette / RER Boulainvilliers… A 5 minutes walk through the Ranelagh gardens.
But I agree it is not central and the night life is rather quiet :o) On the other hand, it is very well connected to the “tourist” centre of Paris by metro, RER and bus (and plenty of taxis too!).
Restaurants reflect the mix of the well-off traditional clientele and lower income employees, so there is a place for all budgets, but the average quality is fantastic.

I assume that you’ll overlook my typo on a jetlagged brain that just stepped off a plane yesterday…

I lived on the east side of Paris for several years and live their Monet collection so made that walk many, many times amongst residents and a sparse handful of visitors (and have never seen that museum even approaching crowdedl.

Marmottan gets crowded when the special exhibitions are good (which is frequently, but not always, the case). It can also be crowded on some weekends. But since a large proportion of tourists have no idea that it exists, it certainly is way less crowded than the Musée d’Orsay, l’Orangerie, and certain sections of the Louvre.

I thought your typo was amusing, and well in the spirit of Hungry Onion :o) Marmiton to Marmottan is an easy one! I only corrected it for non-specialists of Paris museums.

Back to restaurants in that area, La Muette has quite a range of places to chose from, my favourite being “La Rotonde de la Muette” a posh brasserie with excellent food and a terrace… and a short walk from Marmottan.

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