Paris 16, the village of Passy revisited.

A quick (re)visit to the village of Passy, a charming part of the city well out of the tourist map in the West of Paris, at the entrance of the infamous (at night) Bois de Boulogne. I thought I would share my experience in case somebody goes there:
First night as always at “Kura” , one of the best Japanese restaurants I know. Set menu with saké pairing. Excellent as usual (we are not talking of a sushi joint!)
Lunch the next day at “Huitres et Saumons de Passy” on the rue de l’Annonciation. Excellent oysters from Cap Ferret (nº3 Pleine Mer Douet) followed by “Eperlans frits” (whitebait). Small informal restaurant, they have another one nearby avenue Mozart. Great staff, great food!
Dinner that night was in the Bois de Boulogne, at “La Grande Cascade”. The drive there and back was most interesting, the area being famous at night for strange meetings. However the building is beautiful, the service impeccable and the prices in line with their Michelin star; but I was slightly underwhelmed by the food, maybe we hit a bad day for the Chef.
Next (that was a Sunday) I had lunch at the “Bistrot des Vignes”, a smart traditional restaurant, clientèle of “after church” locals, nice French Sunday lunch feeling. I had a salmon tartare and a fish waterzooi, neither to be remembered as a culinary experience, but still a very pleasant lunch on my own! I should have had meat instead of fish…
Monday lunch I was invited by an old friend who has his habitudes at the Boutique Petrossian Rive Gauche, near the Tour Eiffel. This is outside the scope of this post, but a place to be discovered!
This was an amazing experience… We were welcome by Madame Petrossian herself, and sat at one of the 4 tables in the boutique where we enjoyed some of the specialties of the house. Petrossian is THE place in Paris for salmon and caviar, and did not deceive. Walked out with a bag full of goodies to bring back home…
For dinner, back in my village of Passy, I went to “La Causerie” where I go regularly when in Paris for their superb ris de veau (sweetbreads) . Again a clientele of well healed locals, and friendly service. Just like being home from home.
I nearly forgot to mention the covered Passy market, one of the best in Paris, the Rue de Passy for clothes shopping (ladies!), and the pedestrian rue de l’Annonciation for food…
Hope this help some of the HOs looking a bit further!


This is great, thank you, i’m working on a full day in the 16 arr combined with Marmottan museum, maybe modern art too, Art Nouveau seeking etc., good food options in Causerie, Kura, Pages, HSP, le petit chene, will have to decide eventually :slight_smile: Thanks for sharing this very useful report

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