[Paris 11] Maison by Sota Atsumi, new review on Paris by Mouth

Last fall I mentioned in a post that I had been underwhelmed, and indeed a little turned off, by our meal at Maison in late October 2019. But recently I received an email from Paris by Mouth describing a similar sounding visit in 2019, but then a lunch that was vastly improved in January 2023. Hopefully this link will work: https://parisbymouth.substack.com/p/maison

There’s also a great review here by Naf in November 2019: [Paris 11e] Maison by Sota Atsumi, excellent "traditional" French cuisine

Maybe it’s time to give Maison another try.


Same thoughts here from another one (me) who was disappointed with an October 2019 lunch there.

It’s way too expensive for trial and error.